Dowsing With Rods


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The more typical females spend extra cash on their shoe and purse collections, but I just bought my first set of dowsing rods. I found a nice selection from:

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Dowsing Rods,Pendulum Dowsing,Crystal healing,Divining rods

They arrived quickly, and cost-wise, they're about equal to what you'd spend on buying the raw materials and making a nice set of L-Rods your self.

So these join my previous collection of Tarot decks and my growing collection of Pendulums. I want to do some map dowsing eventually as well as perhaps locating my many missing socks.

Has anyone here got experience with dowsing with rods?


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Once, when I was about 20 a contractor that had installed a septic system at the house where my aunt lived came out to tell them where he thought they put it and the runoffs. He wasn't sure since it had been more than a decade at that time. He soon produced some dowsing rods from under the seat of his pickup, said he could never get them to work and that I should give them a try. My eyes bulged in my head the first time those wires crossed over in front of me. In a minute and a half I'd found the tank and both runoffs. I handed them back and never had another opportunity since. He labeled me 'a natural' and left. Not very glamourous and not much of a story but it does work.


Lost, Out of sync., On a different wave length.
Actually Mycroft, quite a good story. I went brousing at the Library today for books on dowsing and found a good one that I intend on purchasing.

Dowsing For Health by Dr Patrick MacManaway

It covers all dowsing including various rods and pendulums. A very enlightening read. Doesn't just center on health issues but on spaces, environments, and geologic matters too. Even has some practice and training drills.
Has a lot on pendulums by the way.