Ed May in free lecture series by Parapsychology Association


Impressive lineup!

Here is a tentative schedule of speakers and presentations:

Jan 23, 2018:
The Psi Encyclopedia: A Window on Psychical Research:
Robert McLuhan

Jan 25, 2018:
Dark Cognition: Evidence of Psi and Implications for Consciousness:
David Vernon

Jan 26, 2018:
Dualism and Psi: An Invalid Hypothesis:
Sonali Marwaha and Ed May

Jan 30, 2018:
Parapsychology and the Study of the Mind: Changing the Historical Record:
Carlos S. Alvarado

Feb 1, 2018:
The Significance of Statistics in Mind-Matter Research,
Jessica Utts

Feb 2, 2018:
Are Different Standards Warranted to Evaluate Psi?
George Williams

Feb 5, 2018:
The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences:
Penny Sartori

Feb 6, 2018:
Anomalous Experiences and Bereavement:
Cal Cooper - BSc Psychology

Feb 8, 2018:
Surveys of Anomalous Experiences, Creativity, and Mental Health:
Thomas Rabeyron

Feb 9, 2018:
Anomalistic psychology, parapsychology, psychology of magic and psychology of religion:
An integration proposal to deal with the complexity of the paranormal:
Leonardo Martins

Feb 12, 2018:
A Survey of Secular American Mediums:
Julie Beischel

Feb 16, 2018:
Magnetic Activity and Healing:
Margaret M. Moga

Feb 19, 2018:
cientific investigation of Chico Xavier’s mediumship:
Alexander Moreira-Almeida

Feb 20, 2018:
Mind-Matter Interaction and the Frontal Lobes of the Brain:
Morris Freedman

Feb 23, 2018:
A Disturbance in the Force: Exploring Collective Consciousness at Burning Man:
Dean Radin