Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding


Hi Everyone, I know this is technically not viewing related but I think can potentially improve it and it also has such a huge powerful impact on my life and well being I feel compelled to share.

Let me start by telling you where I am coming from. When I first found RV worked it blew me away, but I had a lot of ego issues with it and initially that the devil was going to come get me from my christian upbringing etc, even if these were not often thought they were there at the back of my mind somewhere. Also I had ego issues about hitting targets unless the result was good (ie named targets) I beat myself up a bit instead of just enjoying the new perception of viewing i would focus so hard and stress myself out. I found the answer to change this.

Its called the 3 Principles, (Syd Banks founded it). Now at first it appears over simplistic and is easy to say yeh, I know this stuff or just ignore it as it is very basic at first glance. I urge you not to, recently i have had a huge shift in my understanding of where my feelings come from and when this is understood, it no longer matters. How it happens appears to be subconsciously something going on that is uncomprehendable then a big holy shit moment! This has actually blown me away as much as RV did (but is often equally difficult to explain to people as RV as they just think your mad or its new age hippy stuff).

Several books I can recommend on the subject are by Michael Neil (starting with the inside out revolution) Jamie Smarts 'Clarity' (which i highly recommend) and also George Pransky's books. Now at first a lot of these tend to be stories or examples but they are designed to trigger this shift which i can't really put into words what it is, but if i could it would be 'OMG! I didn't really have a problem with this or that, I just thought I did!!' but it is far deeper than that. Also it can take a while, it took 2 days at a workshop where I was like yeh this is motivating but nothing new/i know this stuff already then like a magic bullet while getting coached on an issue it happened, I have known people take months or years of going back it before they 'get it' though.

This understanding hits at such a deep level, hypnosis, EFT, positive thinking and other things i have looked into to solve psychological issues seem redundant and no longer needed as nothing appears to be an issue anymore and the default state becomes happiness. I think it may be a form of enlightenment however it is not the same as the enlightenment experiences I have had through meditation, it is something different, as the thoughts are still running through your mind making big waves/ripples in the pond but because you know that all your feelings at a deep level are being generated by these thoughts in the moment it no longer matters.


These books have had the same effect on me:

All of the Seth books by Jane Roberts
Autobiography of a Yogi and Living Fearlessly: Bringing Out Your Inner Soul Strength
(and any book by), Paramahansa Yogananda
Human Devolution, Michael Cremo
Agartha: Journey to the Stars, Meredith Young
Lucid Dreaming, any
Many Lifetimes, Denys Kelsey
A Mind for Murder: the Real-Life Files of a Psychic Investigator, Noreen Renier
Future Memory, PMH Atwater
Mind Trek (and any other book by), Joe McMoneagle
The Seventh Sense, Lyn Buchanan
Born with a Veil: The Life of a Spiritual Mystic, Maya Perez
Journeys Out of Body and Far Journeys, Robert Monroe
Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy (and anything) by Ingo Swann
Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives and
Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
Window to the Past, Hans Holzer
The Miracle in Naju, Korea - Heaven Speaks to the World, Julia Kim
Second Sight, Judith Orloff
A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East, Tiziano Terzani
The Way of the White Clouds. Anagarika Govinda
Magic and Mystery in Tibet, Alexandra David-Néel
The Search for a Soul: Taylor Caldwell's Psychic Lives (and other books by), Jess Stearn
Explorers of the Infinite: The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes--and What They Reveal About Near-Death Experiences, Psychic Communication, and Touching the Beyond
Explorers of the Infinite: The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes, Maria Coffey
Miracles Do Happen, Briege McKenna
Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, Graham Hancock
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home & Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, Rupert Sheldrake
The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals, Amelia Kinkade

I find that a pretty steady diet of reading this material keeps my mind open, and makes me almost completely immune to overly materialist or fearful people who reject these experiences without honest examination.

You might consider using a free acc't to keep a database of books you liked so you can write reviews for others to read, or not lose track of great books you've read.


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I ordered that Clarity book and watched a few videos and read a little on that 3 Principles stuff. The problem is (at least from my cursory examination) that people seem to have a problem articulating exactly what it is and how to implement it. I do feel there is an elemental truth behind it. It almost seems like a cross between Tony Robbins, philosophy of consciousness, and Aristotle's "final cause". I have read most Edward Feser's Consciousness of the Mind and it is a really in depth discussion of the different philosophies of consciousness. Highly recommend that.


Yes no one can quite articulate this change in understanding, as you can't exactly put it in words its happens like an ah ha!!! no wayyyyy! Moment i think subconsciously. This is why they have so many examples. Tony robbins(who i do love) is an additive approtch, this is a higher level of consciousness elevating approach. Not to say it does not work but its manipulating thoughts to make you feel a certain way so its at a lower level although very easily understandable.

For example level one is what i see is real. I feel bad because this guy did this or that
Level two is well this guy made me think this bad thing so if i keep thinking positive then that though will get drowned out or go away and i will feel better, my feelings are like different coloured mood lenses on my perception. (Tony robbins)
Level three is i must control my thoughts through mindfulness and meditation and release ones which do not serve me. And the less thoughts the happier and more at peace i become (which is true but very difficult to maintain)
Level four is, i just understand the nature of thought and now i understand all feelings are generated by my thoughts in the moment and nothing else... i am free, i see through the false reality i have been generating and am enlightened. When i have thoughts i understand that's all they are they lose there power then i return to my default natural human state happiness and clear mind. To get that 'i get it' you need a specific example that resonates with you or just to keep watching 3 princples videos such as George pranksky until it clicks somehow i think it has to be a subconscious deep understanding.

That's not to say meditation is not great for RV it is, however understanding where your feelings come from is so enlightening it sets you free! (I think it makes meditation easier too)


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I really like Tony Robbins as well. A lot of the stuff he was saying 20+ years ago I hear other people saying now, including TED talks pretending they have discovered something new.

I guess why I got a Tony Robbins vibe from what I saw was that he would say that you could change your viewpoint in an instant and that could change your whole frame of reference, including emotional baggage disappearing or becoming irrelevant in an instant. Coupling that with a philosophy of consciousness that expounds on what thoughts actually are and then throw in Aristotle's final cause (that things have a cause they are "aimed" at or "designed for) kind of sounds like the 3 principles.

It really seems like something that is quite possibly very effective. I just wish there was something a little more concrete in implementing it.


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In the late 1980s I moved to Los Angeles to be a rock star.

No really, I moved there to apply at a karate dojo I greatly respected in Redondo Beach, and to join or form a rock band with my original music. That was all. But it sounds funnier the first way.

I petitioned for membership in the dojo, and was able to get in. (The warm ups alone nearly killed me.) Not long after this, the sensei gives me a couple of tickets to a nearby lecture being given by some fellow he knew.

The guy had been a personal trainer for a paraplegic who completed the triathalon. This alone I found pretty interesting. In person, what he mostly talked about was state of mind, NLP and hypnosis.

Now, I'd been studying hypnosis on my own, with the help of the state library system, for some years. But it was a fringe thing that I felt almost alone in the world with. So hearing someone else go on about this blew my mind totally.

After the lecture I talked with him for awhile and he mentioned in passing that in L.A. there were a few 'schools' for hypnosis. I had never even heard of such a thing. My mind was REALLY boggled NOW. I went looking for them, and went to visit them to see what they offered and taught.

I ended up joining one. This was a special sort of irony (for having time for karate), because I was living in Tarzana, working in Culver City (more than full time, doing bids/proposals for a company that made giant 911 emergency console systems), and schooling in Tarzana, which translates to, "I spent 4.5 hours commuting on the worst freeways in the country" daily, mostly the 405, or the "four o' five miles an hour" as I called it.

I got to eat once a day, at about 1:30am at Del Taco near home. Then I slept for about 3.5-4 hours. Then I got up and did it again. Eventually I could sleep standing up in a cold shower. I pushed myself harder during that period than I had ever done in my life. During which I was also undergoing MASSIVE personal changes from the very dedicated-to-my-personal-evolution efforts I was making as part of, and as addendum to, my studies.

(All this stress to the body/psych triggered my lipedema, a medical thing, but that's another story. I was ignorant about such things then. Kinda wrecked my life though, changed things a lot from then on.)

Much of what the school taught were the things that "underlie" hypnosis and it working:

1 - NLP and 'conversational hypnosis' (Bandler and Grinder, Milton Erickson, Tony Robbins, etc.)
2 - Hypnosis itself
3 - Family systems and contexts (e.g. John Bradshaw's family psychology)
4 - Graphoanalysis or 'handwriting analysis.'

I thought #4 was bogus and was offended they were taking my time and money to force it on me. I was determined to learn it REALLY WELL so I could demonstrate it was bogus. So I learned it really well, did a number of projects with the local college instructors as some casual testing, and concluded it was, amazingly, pretty accurate actually.

I never show my handwriting to anybody now as a result. :D

I knew nothing about #3, but was astonished to discover my wildly dysfunctional upbringing was in fact a textbook example.

#1 turned out to be the most interesting to me, and I proceeded to experiment on nearly everybody I met for some years. Eventually though I concluded that many people are gifted at this without even consciously being aware of it, and that a great deal of ordinary "persuasion" -- as Scott Adams calls it -- is in this category, and people good at sales are often good at this even without training.

I listened to everything Tony Robbins had at that time -- he is very good with this kind of thing. One of my teachers, the son of the founder, did a class on him. (HMI was founded by two brothers. One was a long-term stage hypnotist who went-straight and got an MD for therapy, the other was what I call a shock hypnotist -- he worked with sports teams, I think the Rams at one point, and stuff like that. The son of the founder -- who'd been his stage subject most of his life, poor guy -- was one of the most entertaining speakers I've ever heard in my life.) He once de-compiled one of Robbins's firewalking seminars, showing the hypnotic modalities and such from start to finish, and it was so funny I literally spent part of the evening on the carpeted floor crying and clutching my sides.

#2 was what I went to study. That was interesting although I got really fascinated with this thing of past-life-regressions. The school was officially medical-model-skeptic, which suited me perfectly at the time, and they used to do these on weekend seminars for 'fun' with the public, lots of different hypnotists, doing PLRs, and these were videotaped in the school library. So I had tons of material for review. And most of it, I felt -- just as the school taught -- was a sort of projective, doctor my friend past life has this problem, but some of them... were something else.

I couldn't explain what. But it clearly wasn't genetic memory. Not from people who died before having children or WERE children when dying. It wasn't about what was popular (like the humorous story about Crowley inviting all the women who claimed to be Cleopatra in a last life to the same dinner party).

Mostly on the ones I was fascinated with and trying to understand, the people were really deep (took forever to pry anything from them, they volunteered nothing), and they were something totally boring and unknown, and they died in some totally boring way like in the snow. But the subjects were profoundly affected on coming out of these, in ways that was clearly different than the 'common' others. Enough that I ended up talking with several who were Christians and trying to counsel them into a context that would not F--- with their heads, because I felt it was unethical to do this work with people whose belief systems did not have an option for explaining the experience, except totally invalidating their fundamental religious tenets. That's just wrong IMO. (The sneering dismissal that people have about 'religious people' really pisses me off but never mind.)

Ian Stevenson's work was far more mind blowing but I didn't find that until later. For then, it was just something that cracked my brain open a little. (Humorously I did not even remember my previous, conscious, even written down, past-life experiences during this period. At that time, my belief system had no room for them.)

As the irony to all this, due to schooling hours and the insane commute I did ever day, I ended up having to resign from the dojo, deciding that what I needed with the school studies was more important to me to do right-then, and that martial arts were considerably easier to find in any city (albeit not my amazing sensei) than hypnosis schools.

That is just a little memory from my past. The talk about stuff that rings a lot like NLP-etc. reminded me. Sure been a long time since then... like 30 years.


PS: Oh. To tie this back into Remote Viewing: one of the weird things that happened during this period was that all the books on hypnosis disappeared. I had been reading thirstily on it since I was 16, and when I was about 24, I started going to get/find/collect all those books, as I had a good library collection of other things, I was a single executive so had money I spent on things like books. But I couldn't find hardly anything! A couple that were so huge... it was just gone. It was so bizarre! I couldn't understand how this could be. How so much could just... just... disappear! So time marches on, right, and it's sometime in the mid to late 1990s, and I'm reading an Ingo Swann article related to Remote Viewing and JUST IN PASSING, Ingo happens to mention how the hypnosis books basically disappeared. I thought it was only ME that had noticed that! Kinda felt like that was validation.


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I didn't actually mean magically... :) Just 'taken out of circulation'... :)

That's way more fun though. ;D



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I can't even remember if I've read that.


Speaking of reading, I totally forgot about Win Wenger's site. He's got a book a friend sent me as a gift that I can't wait to read though! It looks really interesting. It uses the term "psychegenic" though I have no idea how that might relate to the one you mention.



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I have Wenger's "Einstein Factor". I really like it. I also have Milton Erickson's four volume set of his case files. I love reading the cases of people he helped with hypnosis. I seem to remember some of the earlier hypnosis books having blurbs that they couldn't include inductions in the text.


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I spent a decade buried in hypnosis and related topics. I was so obsessed with it that I eventually even went to a private institute that formally teaches it. Along with a couple related topics. ME's stuff is the bomb.

Which reminds me, I actually felt like an icon died when Richard Bandler passed away. Gods, he was so great -- such an example of someone who manages to be a hero, rather an asshole in sort of hilarious ways -- I always felt he was a bit Aspie before it was much known -- a creative genius and a brilliant researcher all wrapped up in one. I use the base of his "mental tools" in my meditation and viewing.

Given the title of Joe's thread here I feel obliged to post this paper from several years ago from Dr. Tart. As he notes right up front, they've been discussing fear of psi in parapsychology even 'officially' for some time.



I took an NLP class from one of his students, it deeply impressed me. So yeah, NLP work was really something.

I went on to take the Silva Mind Control two weekend class where they guarantee that you can diagnose a sick person you've never met when given their name, age and location, similar to what Edgar Cayce did, or 100% of your money is refunded. At the end of 2 weekends I got the physical symptoms with absolutely no doubt, 100% clarity, and I saw what I believed to be the psychological-emotional cause of the illness. Unfortunately my tasker didn't know the target that well and couldn't verify anything about her childhood or religious background.

I am a complete believer in the power of hypnosis to help us in numerous ways, including getting deeper inside ourselves where the really cool stuff happens.


Okay, I can update this... journey.

I will share something. One night I woke up in pain, lying awake I remembered that someone (i forget which mystic) said that your pain is trying to show you something. So I asked, what is it trying to show me... time stopped, I vanished and all the was, was as best I can describe it (which I can't) an infinite void creating everything now (it was like a fracture in the world sort of thing or felt like peeking behind the curtain). This is just a representation, but it seems to me that now this is a rigged game, we are god/the universe. We just don't know it, we have forgotten. This would explain RV, we can know anything in the universe because we are in reality the one creating it.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Yeah, Joe, everything in my meditation world ends up being "cosmology" which was very confusing to me for a long time. But the message comes back infinitely over the years to the point I finally put that as one of the headings on my blog talking about the inner work, which says:

The universe is more diverse than I expected
The meaning of "I" is more complex than I dreamed
It seems we ARE the universe. Literally! Imagine that!