Ego issues, fear of PSI. Changing your psychology through simple understanding


So true RedCairo. I read tart's paper also.

I actually have found that 'non-duality' is the word i was looking for and appears also to be what most mystics (and religions) are pointing towards. There are actually plenty of fun or not so fun non-dualism teachers (francis lucille is one of the more fun ones i have seen). It has deepened my understanding and been very useful. Look at zen, sufism, jewish mystism and they all point in the same direction, its pretty funny.

Also i have witnessed recently my own perception of reality appearing in real time as if fire from the void (fun and interesting again best i can describe it but 100% falls short in my description). A few insights were helpful:

1. We obsurce the future ourselves. Without doing this we cannot play the game.
2. What appears like a horrifying future that we might view happening in 10 years time might look fantastic at the time as we have changed. Knowing the future is often pointless as we can't know it in its entirity (otherwise we would have lived it) so we get incomplete information and won't have the required perspective to understand it potentially. Also that we can know the future from a philsopical point of view, would make it the present. So it is impossible to see the future only the present (it appears everything is present). Infact i think our perception of time is a huge distortion on the reality of it (it must be a fun distortion tho or we wouldm't do it)
3. Everyone is dreaming, we might know we are dreaming but we still dreaming (as it were) no one is awake.


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You might like a book called "Busting Loose From the Money Game". It can be found as a PDF. It is about "subjective reality". There was a video that did a good job of describing subjective reality with animations but I can't find it and that would have been over a decade ago.