eiaght martinis issue 15 out now.


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8 Martinis Remote Viewing magazine - Issue 15 April 2017.
Available in pdf (download) and full colour printed versions.

For the first time with this issue I have decided to trial a very small purchase price for the magazine in download version. 8 martinis takes me personally many, many hours to produce and so far in these past fifteen issues and nine years, the cost for imagery and other things has been all mine. This is just something I can no longer do and am hoping that the community will be able to help with a very small purchase price towards helping me and us continue sharing this great work in the future. The printed magazine is still available at production cost if you prefer a paper copy.

Articles this issue includes:

- Predicting the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election - Debra Lynne Katz & Michelle Freed Bulgatz, Data Analyst: Nancy McLaughlin-Walter.

- The “Romance Of The Skies”. - Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D

- Remote Viewing Alpha Centauri.- Tunde Atunrase.

- Putting SUARV to the Test.- Jon Knowles, Elisa Lagana, Alexis Poquiz.

- Tasking RV Targets.- Daz Smith.

- Words As Eggs - Vistas Of Linguistic Ambiguity.- DR. David Shaver, N.C.Psy.A.

- Explorations into Remote Viewing Microscopic Organisms (“The Phage”).- Debra Lynne Katz, Lance William Beem, T.W. Fendley.

- Roswell - Interview with the Farsight team Courtney Brown & Dick Allgire.- Daz Smith.

- Daz Smith Full Roswell RV session.

- Remote Viewing Websites & Resources.

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Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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well, if you want further issues then opening a magcloud account will help with this.

but if not send me the money @ darryl@nethed.com my paypal and i will send you a link to a download file.



Turns out it's quick and easy to sign up with magcloud and complete the paypal purchase, and they let us opt out of advertisements and updates, so no worries... thank you.


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I was glad to pay a token fee, for all of your work. This was a fascinating issue, I love the medical applications target. Also please continue to include McMoneagle's sessions, they're very inspiring!