Eight Martinis - Remote Viewing magazine is now in its ninth issue


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Eight Martinis - Remote Viewing magazine is now in its ninth t issue (April 2013).

Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full colour printed magazine (printed to order).
This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and PSI topics, including:

Ingo Swann - A True Renaissance man - Daz Smith with Recollections & Comments from Ingo’s Friends & Colleagues

Judging, Scoring and Feedback, There Are Problems - Lyn Buchanan

An Interview with Laith Muhammad, Parapsychologist, Iraqi Olympic Committee - Sandy Frost

Time Jumping - Lori Williams

Amelia - Remote Viewing Search for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and the Electra - Angela Thompson Smith

Remote Viewing Mental Images As Targets - Zoltán Barta

Remote Viewing? Hey, Guys! what are we talking about? (Part 1& 2) - Ingo Swann (Dec 1995)

Corporate remote viewing - Willy De Maeyer & Gabriele Breyer

Greg Kolodziejzyk’s 13 Year Associative Remote Viewing experiment results - Greg Kolodziejzyk

How the Brain works in an RV Session - Manfred Jelinski

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Some realy interesting stuff in this edition, absolutely love Lorris piece, and love the tributes paid to the main man!


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Yeah, again, top notch. The tribute to Mr. Swann was great, and the Biomind website stuff, too. Its a goldmine. Thanks for this great magazine.


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I don't stop in here nearly often enough. Nor do I know what feedback you pay attention to, Daz, but I appreciate the effort that goes into these. Thank you so much for pulling this all together and putting it out there for all of us. Your labor really is appreciated.



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I didn't know where exactly to post this but I thought I would post it here since I found the Earhart article in this issue interesting and the new picture seems to back up some of the RV data.


Lots of speculation flying around.

Amelia Earhart Survived Plane Crash, History Channel Documentary Claims