Emotional overlay?


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Just thinking out loud. I'm bored and have the figits or something and I was wondering whether this feeling was conducive to RV or whether not to bother.

You think there can be such a thing as eol?



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Emotions are a fundamental aspect of most, if not all, mammalian life on the planet. Useful or not, it all depends on the circumstances.. though I don't think anyone will deny the power emotion can hold over us. So yeah, I'd say it can impact your whole outlook, let alone an RV session.

For example, one of the most common forms of psi that I've seen posted about, is empathy. Perhaps this is because as a function, it is so collective and unchangeable (among humans), and therefore more recognisable & identifiable. Though what you're talking about appears to be, a projection of said emotion onto an external object, affecting your perception.

Maybe it would be classified under subjective-noise, as it is not an analytical function. Anyway I'm tired, gonna chill out. Hope you had a good weekend. :)

- Rob


Apache, I think I know what session you are talking about. I do think there is emotional overlay. You get an emotion and assign it to something that might also give you that emotion. It's strange but so is everything else we do.


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Well -I wasn't thinking of a particular session when I posted but then I tried to RV in the same mood and if it's that session your thinking of then yeah - interference. Noise - whatever. Robs probably right in that it should be classed as subjective noise. Just seems like some noise can swamp the bandwidth.



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I think anything that can be identified, objectified and given a name can produce "Overlay". Some aspect of this thing attracts us, we grab it and run with it.


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I know I get interference from outside myself quite a bit! I, too, find that the more I concentrate on trying to RV, the worse I do.