enrich the dream state?


Holding a thought or intent in mind before sleep is one method of dream incubation. If practicing RV immediately before bed, it is possible your dream would at least be thematically similar to the content of your session.

Dale Graff and others have practiced dream RV or dream precognition by writing down an intended target on paper (to solidify intent) and placing under their pillow at night.

I'm not sure whether RV before bed would create a boost of psychic functioning generally for dreams to follow, but if you tried placing the same target number under pillow before sleeping it would be interesting to hear whether your dreams seemed to follow from or add onto the session content.

I've tried a good number of times to perform Dave Morehouse-style Extended Remote Viewing at night. Not once have I managed to achieve anything like what he describes. After failing this way, I have on many occasions gone to sleep afterwards and have had no unusual or noteworthy Psi or dream experiences on those nights, but I'm also very amateur, very skeptical, and have not led a supernatural life.


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I was wondering if trying to remote view right before going to sleep could enrich the dream state?
Especially by ending on a fairly decent session--could it kind of prime the mind for more psi material in dreams, perhaps?
sincerely, plodder (ironchakra)

I have tried to do that, hoping taht dream state is enhanced. it hasn't. meditation or energy work on the other hand work wonders
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