esp trainer- russell targ


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found this interesting app on Russell targs website called "esp trainer". I think you can only download onto a mobile device from app store etc. basically it gives you a round of 24 questions with 4 possible answers shown as different colored squares that you click on. the correct one has a chime and shows a picture. he says some people got better at guessing by odds of 100:1. It may be good for remote viewing to familiarize yourself with that special feeling when you know something, at the very least its lots of fun.
Yes, you can download the app free onto an iPhone.

At the SF Expo a few weeks ago Russ Targ said that it's available only for iPhone. He paid quite a bit, he said, to have someone program it for the iPhone, is making it available for free, has no plans to make it available for other platforms.

I tried it a couple of years ago and it showed hits after just a few pushes to say that psi ability was detected. You can keep going and see if you can get a higher rating.



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He's made it available at no charge. His data indicated practicing with it, you could increase your score. (Ingo Swann recommended always stopping on a high, so don't quit if you're below chance.) I don't recall any data tying increased scores with this with better RV results, but intuitively it seems to make sense.

I wish I had this on my Droid too, but I'm happy enough just to have a tool that's really been shown to increase your precognition skills on one relatively common platform.