Excited, frontloaded, successfull


Ok this starts with when I 1st found your sited a couple of weeks ago, before I knew about protocols or structure or anything else.

One night I thought I'd try remote veiwing, I hadn't even found the rv targets site yet. I closed my eyes and pulled a music cd out of a drawer that may contain close to 100 cds. Without looking at the cd, I trasferred it to my "junk drawer". It's the top drawer in my dresser which I keep change, reciepts, business cards and a million other little things that come out of my pocket at the end of the day.

I meditate often for varying reasons and this night I meditated with the understanding that I would know what cd I had put in that top drawer. I started my countdown from 100 going deeper into my trance state, keeping in mind that I wanted to know about the cd in the drawer. Counting down like this and starting over if need be, I can eventually reach a state where I know what thoughts are from "me" because they take effort to produce. I can't think "blue" unless I make an deliberate effort to think blue.

While I was counting down from 100 with my mind cleared thinking about nothing except the numbers and a detached understanding that I wanted to know more about the cd in the drawer, at about 65 I started seeing flashes of red, at 60 I saw a metallic object which quickly turned into a robot, which was quickly centered into the red, making his way through a field of flowers. By the time I reached forty I was getting out of bed because I clearly recognized that cd as oleadner's febuary son. It was dark and I reached into the drawer and retrieved the cd only to be mega disappointed as it turned out to be my "Better than Ezra" disc. I consoled myself saying "well at least the Ezra cd DID have a lot of red on it".

Until this morning. I got into that drawer and was searching for quarters and low and behold what was in that drawer? you guessed it. Oleaner's febuary son. I now remember that a couple of months back I had pulled the Ezra disc out of my cd drawer to rip it to the computer and had stuck it in that top drawer for the time being. The disc I put in the drawer that night for a target was Oleander.