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Extra practice in bed?

Hi, I'm doing practice sessions with pen and paper, a crv variation (ed dames), I feel something is slowly happening, but the only time I have time to practice is when I am home alone (wife and children are at work and school) which is not every day.

Do you think some extra practice sessions in bed before sleep can be an alternative to the pen and paper version?
Looking at the target number, going to rest at the bed but not sleep and repeating the target number in my head, ask what is at the site, textures, smells, etc, obviously I cannot write an ideogram and write things down ( need to remember it in my head and look at the target the next day for feedback )

What do you think, will this extra practice help or should I stick to the paper version?

It may help. I read that Joe McMoneagle does something similar. Working targets while cutting grass etc.. There is something to be said for using the process though.
I agree with tbone, definitely sounds like it's worth a go if that fits with your very busy schedule, let us know what happens.
ok, did 5-10 minute session in bed. I wrote down a target number on a small paper and did an ideogram immediately after. I was holding the paper in my bed to connect to it. I think I did pretty good overall.

My impressions:
trees. aol forest
wet grass
feels moist and wet
road nearby
voices near, noises
smells: oil
colors: white, green
man working in a tractor/forest machine


it was not a forest but it had some trees
it was a car and not a tractor
the surface was not wet grass but snow on concrete

I think I couldn't completely drop the aol of forest when i saw some trees. But it seems like these small practice sessions was productive.
Do you have any way of approaching getting feedback? Not to imply in any way that it's all imagination, but to use on-demand psi for remote viewing, being able to direct it to a target and then getting feedback is gold. Maybe have someone you know but don't live with pick a target and seal it into one or two envelopes with the code on the outside envelope and give it to your wife/kid without saying a word about what it is so it's double-blind when your wife or kid gives it to you? If you get a hit - how fulfilling would that be?
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Do you mean that it would be more of wow experience if I do it that way rather than choosing targets pools from websites?
I apologize, I didn't realize you were already using targets from web sites. What you're doing sounds great, and I agree with what RVTrainee001 said.
Thanks, the next day In bed I didn't have as much luck, I got clear images, and moving images which I think I mistook for the target, I think If you do practice in bed there is more risk of interfering dream images, especially if you are tired, at least thats my guess, do you agree?
That fact that it worked before is encouraging, you might consider doing a one to three month experiment, recording all of the data, then analyzing it at the end of the experiment to see how you did.