Farsight inst. SAM machine


Does anyone have any experience using this thing? How does it work? is it worth bothering with?


The farsight institute. Session Analysis Machine. (SAM)

anyone know it? anyone used it?

If not then I guess it cant be that hot and its not worth my reading this long irritating instruction manual for using it.


Last time I was on their site I was interested to get this thing, but the download link didn't show up because they changed something. Is it available now?
Well, that was months ago...

What exactly didn't you understand? It compares two sets of information for targets - one you must type in advance and one from the session results you put in after the session is done. The program then compares both informations and calculate a score out of it (-> accuracy). You then are able to compare your session results with the target informations in the overall pool to look if:
- your pool is different enough to seperate one target from the other (good for ARV)
- your session results are good enough to identify this target from the others in the pool (hence the score value) -> was it "luck" what you got in your results or was it psi?

The advantage of it is that a human judge can make mistakes in verifying the results of the session with the feedback... we all know that ourselves are the worst judges when it comes to session analysis. In this regard, the computer only judges the Facts without interfering with subjective, emotional thinking in the process.
The disadvantage is that you can't put in 'all' the information about a target, so the computer must miss some details of it.

Thats what I read in the instruction. I haven't used it yet. Isn't it self-explanatory?

EDIT: Ah, I see... well, it looks like you need to read the manual in order to understand how the program works, how you read and understand the output and how you type in your own data to compare it with your session results. It doesn't seem to be too complicated. Will read it tomorrow and maybe can explain it in shorter words for those which hate manuals... ;D


How long is it out?

EDIT: Released date: 21 September 2006. *ouch*
Well, they have sooo much success with it, thats why nobody is offcially using it. ;D


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What exactly didn't you understand?

I understood all of it. I understand the theory behind it and what it is that it sets out to do. It was just the byzantine operating instructions requiring a PhD in `SAM` that I seem to remember putting me off ever looking, talking or thinking about it again.

Marv :)