Fear of RV


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In this thread, I want to know what you think, and how you respond to people who have a fear of RV. I'm not looking to put anyone down who has that fear. Rather I'm looking at how you try to ease the concerns of a friend or family member.

Some people, especially the religiously inclined folks, think RV is the work of the devil, or evil spirits, and so on. I'm not trying to judge those people. We all do our best with the cards we are dealt, and we all have plenty of flawed ideas.

I grew up in a Christian home, so I had some of the same thoughts when I first heard Ed Dames on Coast to Coast many years ago. As I learned more about RV, it seemed like there was not a lot of evil coming out of RV. I read that some people heavily involved in RV are Christian, like Lyn Buchanan, and this helped lower my guard. Still I struggled with the idea that somehow something sinister was behind this (childhood religious beliefs die hard).

One day I realized, that most people have done RV without being aware of it. As I read more about RV, I realized that yes, there is a protocol you follow, but at the core of it, you are wondering about something that's not physically observable, and then taking notice of what perceptions arrive. Anyone who has had a teenage crush, or been in love, has laid in their bed at night wondering about that person and taken notice of what they perceived. Most of us have been worried about someone we can't get ahold of, and so we sit at home, thinking where the person might be, and take notice of our observations. These might be heavily laden with AOL for the untrained person, but they are doing the same thing we do when viewing.

I don't completely discount the possibility of evil rearing its head. Just like there are people with bad intentions, sinister motives probably exist on the other side, wherever RV information comes from. So it is wise to exercise rational thinking before you act on any RV data.

What do you guys tell people who think RV is bad or from the devil and so on? I think I would tell people that everyone has already done it, and the devil doesn't have a big interest in bringing home missing kids. We are not doing anything different from anyone who has ever spent an hour day dreaming.


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A reasonable question.

To share a bit of my own experiences let me offer a bit of background on myself. I'm age 61 and for as long a I can remember I've had a talent for reading peoples minds as well as bringing info over from those who have passed on.

It however isn't something I can turn on at will all the time. Meditation helps to "turn it on" but is limited. When it's spontaneous is when the connection is the strongest and is highly accurate. The only choice I have that is definite is to accept what is happening or "turn it off"/reject it. Which is great because I have a moral issue when it comes to the telepathy part.

When I would bring this up as a kid to others I of course was ridiculed so I learned to simply keep my mouth shut.

To date I still do and only open up in gatherings such as this forum or to people I know really well.

Religion is also something I let others broach first. Being an Atheist I'm probably not the best person to comment if the goal is to have a peaceful discussion on the subject.


I have Christian friends who make fun of RV and who are afraid of dowsing, for all of the reasons you stated so clearly. I don't try to argue with them, I just tell them my about my (few) successes, and how amazing it is when it works, then move on to other more mundane topics of conversation. Sometimes all you can do is be a good example. When they see that you have these "weird" beliefs and practices but you are still the same person you were before (your head doesn't spin in circles, etc.) then perhaps they will loosen up a bit. To me they are having an emotional reaction and you can only reason with an emotion a tiny bit before it becomes a confrontation, so I try to avoid that. Besides, I don't really care what they think, it's disappointing if I can't talk to them about something that is so fascinating to me - one less thing we have in common, but really it's their loss, and their choice.


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I grew up a coastal California girl but I currently live on the flat edge of the Ozarks which for those outside the USA is about in the middle. Bit of a cultural difference. (...) I've heard radio preaching locally where they are ranting about, of all things, meditation and its evils. And for that matter, they're referring to zazen-style meditations, which is the clear your mind sorts. I mean really what can be evil about focusing on nothing?!

These are not the people to tell about advanced archetype meditations and its occasional tantric focus -- never mind. Even if it is filled with prayer from before to after. Suffice to say there are a lot of kinds of meditation and if they're in drown-the-witch mode over zazen, they probably should be spared the jungian-shamanic-magickal versions of such things. The thing I often find so humorous about the extreme fear in some people is that they aim it at the stuff which is if anything the most harmless stuff there is!

I think the issue is far larger than religion. "Fear of Psi" is a legit thing. I recall Dr. Charles Tart even has a paper or two on that. It's culture-wide and varies in degree with different cultures. Some are actually more open to psi but tend to have more fear at the same time, because of that greater belief. (Latin America for example. Is it still PC to call everything South of TX/CA that?)

I don't know if there is any good way to 'explain' RV to those openly thinking it's on the dark side because any explanation to that by its nature becomes a defense. I think I would probably just say that God has made a wondrous world of wondrous beauty and creatures and that how we choose to use His world -- whether we use fire to warm and cook for us, or become firemen to save others, or use fire for arson -- is due to the intent of the person, not to the opportunities God has provided. Since God is kind enough to judge each person on their own merits -- not on what someone else down the street is doing with fire -- we could be at least as fair, and understand that every person is an individual.

The subtle unspoken part of the above is that you aren't really telling them psi cannot be whatever they wish to project on it, you are only telling them that what you are personally doing obviously is not. You're not going to change someone's belief systems on this, not without serious therapy or long term exposure -- certainly not in a conversation. So instead you have to give that existing energy a channel to follow, and provide them for your focus an alternate path, that is merely "out of the way of" the river of their beliefs.

The people who often are most attracted to RV -- aside from a surreal proportion of wingnuts it seems -- are those who are fairly logical, practical people, but who have experienced "spontaneous psi" over the course of their life. They perceive RV as a doorway to understanding something that to them is obviously real and yet had no framework for handling psychologically, until they find RV and start taking psi seriously, which often due to its reputation or participants they often didn't previously.

I don't usually tell offline people about RV in part because anything that you really want to explain properly is actually a big subject, not a sound-bite. It just can't well be done unless someone is already open to the idea. Most people who really believe it but don't know it have a wave of paranoia -- they promptly start worrying you can see them on the toilet or something -- it's one of those subjects where a little information is often far worse than a lot or none. :)

If someone tells you RV is evil, they are probably not ready to hear your story. When someone holds onto the idea that something is evil, they either must have had a negative personal experience with psi in which case or they are merely parroting back some other person's views. in teh former case, you can probably not help much because a person is riding an EI. in the latter case, it is probably not worth conversing with someone who has not formed their own views. if someone says they are not sure whether it is evil or not are probably more open for conversation.