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First bilocation experince during CRV session

Who knows, bilocation may old hat to some of you. I would like to share my bilocation experience during a remote viewing session with people who understand what Remote Viewing is and what bilocation is. It was simply stunning, let me tell ya.

After a few months break, I worked some practice targets from an old remote viewing website. When I first saw reference to the site, it took some digging through the Wayback Machine (archive.org) to get the targets. The page had been taken down long ago. I liked the webmaster's targets, because they are written like what you'd get in an envelope in an operational remote viewing session. It was surprising to me to be on-target with my very first target in a few months. I worked a second target from the site, the target I'm going tell you about, last Friday, 24 August. I did know that this target was not verifiable, and that was alright with me. I knew nothing else about the target.

One could write a book on such an experience. Suffice to say I learned later my target was the parting of the Red Sea by Moses. Keep in mind I was not raised in a Judeo-Christian faith and I don't know a great deal about it.

While the mental images I was receiving were not of the parted waters, I did get images of streams of people on foot ascending a long sloping valley that led up from what I knew was a body of water. It was a war torn environment. There was a sense of relief and wonder, but it was underpinned by deep sadness. The rather dim sky and clouds featured some very unusual colors, for instance, a deep crimson hue to the sky and clouds on the horizon. There were flying things passing back and forth relatively low overhead. Hard to describe. I kept getting AOLs like "It is written" "Hebrew language" and "Valkyrie (different tradition, but my description of the things passing forth overhead)".

Then the images turned to full motion. That had not happened for me before. I went with it. The colors and soft textures of everything appeared like some historic painting put into motion. Among other things, I could see people looking up to the sky and marveling at the things flying overhead. What a weird scene to the uninitiated. I find it hard to even write here that the flying things were basically humanoid creatures in fine flowing robes. How odd is that? Everyone on the ground was dressed in typical near-eastern shepherd type clothing. I could see sheep here and there, goats, beasts of burden, rudimentary carts, scrub brush, a vast, gently rolling and sloping landscape, and more. At some point I noticed that I wasn't just seeing the scene; part of me was there.

Keep in mind I still didn't know what the target was. A purist might say that if I didn't see Moses and parted waters that I was off target. "Well, you had to be there." is all I can relate to the purist. It was easy to tell I was witnessing some long ago event that featured some highly unusual activity. The writing I was seeing after probing the ideograms placed me in lands traveled by Hebrew speaking people. I even got terms like Exit and Deliverance in Stages II and IV.

Then I thought to myself, "You know, why don't I try asking these two guys down the way in front of me what's happening." I wrote down Stage VII on my paper, and that to me stood for a bilocation stage that one hears about from the legendary viewers. I didn't know if language would be a problem, but I walked down about 30-40 yards and stood with the men. Then I asked the simplest question I could think of, "What do you see?" They replied almost in unison as they pointed upwards, "Angels!" Well, I could tell you I was more than taken aback to be actually standing there talking with two shepherd looking guys and seeing weird things flying around the skies over top of us and all down the valley. It stunned me enough that I dropped out of the session. I couldn't click on the target feedback fast enough. When I saw the target, I was just bowled over. It was very emotional.

One might ask, were the flying things aliens? I haven't the faintest idea. They were not human, but looked sort of like humans. They did remind me a lot of the Valkyrie of ancient Norse tradition. They were more than a little macabre looking in the face and eyes - dark craggy faces with dark eyes and silvery glowing pupils. Wings? I didn't see wings, per se, but did see their long, off-white flowing robes that billowed in the wind. I picked up the billowing robes right from the ideograms (I do several ideograms in Stage I in order to 'open the aperture').

Was it real? No clue. But I was there, if that means anything. It's hard to relate.

Wow. Has anyone had an experience like that?

Please be gentle and respectful, as I would like my sharing of this special happenstance to remain something very positive. Can you do that for me?
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That's amazing. I love reading stories like that. I would love to create a book of RV's greatest hits. Or even have a forum section dedicated to just that.
I have never experienced anything like that. There is a thread around TKR on how to do that step by step but I never had a whole lot of luck with it.
Thanks very much for the positive reception and for the thoughts. Good idea about a greatest hits forum section or a book. I'd be interested to know what further ideas you have along these lines.

What just occurred to me is that I'd love for others to view the target, still blind to it somehow, to see what they pick up. It's not verifiable in the traditional sense, but corroboration from others working the target totally blind would give some further insights.

I was thinking about those figures flying overhead and wondered to myself if they were more like artificial intelligence. Upon further consideration as I type here, they seem more like spiritual emanations or beings of a wholly different sort. It's very difficult to explain my impressions about them. They're aware but quite detached, almost having a hollowness about them - or maybe having a singular or limited purpose or role. Understanding more about them would be one of my main motivations to have others to view the target. To avoid frontloading, of course, another viewer could not have connected the target to this thread.

Even though I'm fully frontloaded now, and if I'm lucky enough to connect with the scene/matter again, I'm going to proceed down the valley toward the body of water. It sort of seems now like the crossing of the Red Sea had already happened and people were coming up a long, gradually sloped land on the other side. I'll also try to further examine the flying things. If I'm really lucky, I'll be able ask more questions.
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do you ever dream you're someone else?
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Humorously, I have never understood why the world of RV online is filled with 99.999% stuff that is NOT about 'the human experience' of it. I mean seriously, it's the internet, people can found entire movements about navel lint, but somehow getting people to really open up about the "inner" element of viewing in process is like pulling teeth. I even had an email group one time, which I tried really hard to keep small but it kept getting to about 100, where getting people to share was tough (X doesn't like Y who is also in the group), and then they'd share stuff -- sent me privately but not with the group. Gah! I always felt the personal experience of things was the most critical part of the focus, but it almost never GETS the focus, with rare exceptions. So all that to say... I like your post! :)

The "human experience" stuff is the hardest for me. I wonder if it is because I value privacy so much I don't like to intrude on others. One of the clearest possible psi experiences (possible as in it may have possibly been psi) was an attempt to phase/view (not RV because I wasn't blind) Mollie Tibbets when she was missing. I had a very clear picture of her laying in an outdoor area on the ground with leaves around her face. I knew she was dead. Maybe I was able to see because I didn't feel I was intruding.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Maybe. I have a lot of psyche issues with integrity about privacy too. When I don't view for awhile and rebegin, I blue-screen humans for awhile at first every time it seems. It's actually hilarious because I get dynamic visuals, and it's like a movie where they just erased the people but stuff they're carrying is floating or whatever -- like some hokey 1970s "witch mountain" sort of movie -- cracks me up. And then for awhile I will just get pieces of humans like an arm or something. And then suddenly it's back, and I usually get more than I want in many cases. I've concluded though that it must be my strong feelings about viewing people often being an invasion of privacy to blame. :)