Free RV book session by session

stewart edwards

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My new book is now available free at Smashwords, and hopefully over the coming weeks at Apple ibooks and Barnes and Noble and Sony. Sadly Amazon don’t let you give books away for free.

If you are a fellow beginner at Remote Viewing using the CRV method then you might find this book about my own learning journey to be a useful signpost for you. If you are a scientist investigating remote viewing you might find the data that I provide on my session results helpful in understanding what is possible. This book will not teach you how to remote view, that is a job for the experts, but it will show one real life, current, example of what one person can achieve in around nine months of largely self taught training. In addition I explore some possible commercial applications and include a small challenge. Hope that you enjoy it.

If you haven’t read it yet, and if you are new to remote viewing you would be best to read my first book “Remote Viewing My First Six Months” first to provide context.

Happy to answer any questions, and happy to take any criticisms coming my way – it is after all a learning experience.