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Free Stage 1 Audio Ideogram Drills Utility


Staff member
Thanks to mscir - aka Mike -- we have an easy, clean little online utility that anybody can use for a little practice. Feel welcome to put questions or feedback here if you have any.


I am so grateful to people like Mike, and Daz, and others who put their own off-time hard work into making stuff to share with the whole remote viewing field free. You guys are the bomb!!

This is a science. A hard one. Most people are scared by it. I think that all science can go two ways - good or bad. We have seen bad. I want it to go good. People matter. All people. All people matter. My two cents. Worth one. We are not ready yet, I was told in person. I sucked it up. Today had a dinner with my best friend, Anne, who has had numerous cancers, you are not a huggy type person. I am not. I am a God person. But not big on their rules and more wild in some way. English or Scottish Or something. How do we RV. We are all individuals sent here for a unique reason. I grew up so hick. This is music. I know music and sound. Viewing. I will never spy. Ever and rv people might develop that option. Like nukes, that is not good. No one could trust anyone. Ever. I want all people to be equal. That will not happen here. it is the temp place. Not a big deal.
I am grateful the Dojo is reopening tomorrow. I have missed it. Thanks for your monumental efforts over the years to provide that tool.