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For those who want to test their RV abilities. Send protocols of your RV sessions as scan/photo/pdf/text or any other convenient format via email: lopukh.nike@gmail.com Post in this thread or send in personal message. Number of the target: 41299000
Join the challenge. Especially invited to participate: PJ, IgorG, Jon_Knowles
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Good luck, MOCKBI4


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WARNING: This person claims to be a Nikita Lopukhin. They emailed me with this same message. When I questioned who they were and why they expected someone to do this session they accidentally revealed that they are doing it to test the accuracy of viewers and became abusive when I challenged them as to why they expected me as a trainer to give this to my students without any knowledge of who they are, why they want this session done, and why they expected it to be done for free. They have been trolling me with abusive emails. I am highly suspicious of their identity and their intentions. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS PERSON.
Paul O'Connor, CRV Trainer, PSI-PURESTREAM


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First, your message is off-top and fake. Paul O'Connor is
absolutely lying. He can't proof his words.. He is an arrogant, tactless, talentless liar.
He shouldn't get it. Don't trust him. He's CRV abilities is under big question. Do not buy his CRV training. This RV
target is needed, not just test. Copy of the email:
"To: Paul O'Connor <crvtrainer@gmail.com>; Paul O'Connor <oconnor@iol.ie> Hello, Paul. Remote viewing target number: 41299000
Its about a lost thing. Maybe you can help. Or you know
some remote
viewers. Or your students. Its may be interesting good
Best wishes, Nikita."
Now you
understand that Paul is completely lying.
PS: One of the
forum users has already tried to describe the target in email. Try
your strength and you. Make doodle and sketch too. Join. Regards,