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This was posted on the Facebook group a while back. Standard ARV stuff, but the viewer, Lincoln Lounsbury, also entered a contest at a Vegas casino, so his results will be publicly documented. It's $1500 to play, so this is a fairly serious contest to sports bettors. Currently Lincoln is in 5th place out of almost 1900 participants!

Contest results:
He's at 75% (15 hits, 5 misses) in four weeks, which is very good.

He's tied with 12 others in fifth place.

On his web site I believe he said he has averaged 58% in recent years - let's hope he can retain the 70% and above success rate with ARV!

I checked today and unfortunately gamedaypsychic is now way down the page. Looks like a couple hundred entrants above his line.

Has 16 hits, 13 misses, 1 T for 16.5 total points.

Top three:

RIPSAW 3 1 1 3.5 24 5 1 24.5
OhioAgainstTheWorld 3 2 0 3 23 7 0 23
4VIEWSFROMVEGAS 3 2 0 3 23 7 0 23

I admire him for putting out $1500 and joining the contest, but he does claim he has a proven method, and as of right now he's at 55%, which is slightly below the long-term stats he provides. He writes:

"WHEN BETTING IN LAS VEGAS, one has to accurately pick winners against the spread, on average, 52.38% of the time to break even financially, yet successfully predicting winners against the spread 55% of the time in the long term would be good enough to earn a living as a professional sports bettor."

Maybe so, but in my experience, and from what I've seen in APP, you would have to be very very careful and dedicated to accomplish this at 55%.

He has put a lot into this - a free course, videos of how he makes predictions, display of many stats, discussion of methods, etc. I plan to take a look at more of his materials.

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Yes, he had quite a bad run for 2 weeks, going 1-8-1. He was above water this week at 3-2, which is not included in the casino's results until after the Monday night game. I believe his free corse is not available until January. It looks like regular ARV, except rather quick. I'm interested to see if he has any specific details that he feels are critical, and I still wonder if doing multiple trials, even solo, helps to filter out any of the noise. It would be nice to see him finish in the money by season's end.


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Personally I feel like the quick sessions like he does (about 3 minutes) are not very accurate for me. But I haven't been practicing for over a decade like he claims to have done :)