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katzenhai2 said:
Mycroft said:
You may get 3 to 5 times more and or stronger perceptions using LST.
Maybe it is me, but after >500 sessions I were not able to make a correlation of good RV results to the LST time.
So for me this thing does not have an impact - at least not a noticable one. But I'm using a CRV type method.
I think that was a great study you did. There could be something to the original study that skewed the results. The timing was calculated as an average of the mean. Now I postulate that if you use the averaged distribution of people around the world, 83% live on the coast and what they might have been registering was accuracy of the viewers during the lull between the tidal surges. So in effect the viewers where being influenced by the movement of the water caused by the moon instead.

It would be fun to have the information used in the original test based on geographical boundaries and try eliminating scores based on seasonably available foods and migration periods in those locations to see what other influences were acting upon them at the time.



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Greg K did tons of sessions and found an LST relationship but (a) more to his feedback time than viewing time and (b) not the same time as the overall research meta-analysis found.



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Farsight is in Atlanta and does a far better job for much less money.

Dianne is an excellent teacher and the course was NOT based on a Dames second hand course as well.

I had a lot of fun and got to be a real RV'er.

If you are thinking about it, and GA is close, don't waste your time with this guy.

Do your homework before you sign up.

Glenda, thanks for posting this I would really like to see some of these local groups popping up but a Dames student with only 20 hours of classes?