Group 1ARV: Learn by doing it Webinar!


Remote Viewers and Analyst/Judges unite, again, using the Group 1ARV Protocol :) You are invited to participate in a new prediction of a future baseball game as an RVer or AJer. Our Friday morning webinar will be devoted to AJing the submitted RV transcripts and then sharing the prediction with all participants. This webinar will be limited to 1 1/2 hours max and will begin at 7:30am PDT.

This free webinar will be similar to last week's, except the number of RVer and AJers will be limited to 4 each. Last week's webinar was too long (3 hours) because we had 7 transcripts to Analyze and Judge and there were 16 attendees, some who had to leave early. BTW, we did have another Hit and you can see the AJ Summary here:

If you are interested, please contact me via email at:
Let me know if you wish to be an RVer or AJer. I will send details to you. If I receive more than 4 requests, I will have additional webinars.

Keep RVing,