Group viewing for Sportsgames, Do You want to participate?


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I am looking for several people to remote view/psychic view the future outcome of european football games.

Money won would be shared at equal percentage to everyone involved.

Basically the process would be i collect all the data from all viewers and compare them with each other and thereby
make a decision on what to do or how to bet. Everyone would receive the name of the Teams playing 1 week ahead of time,
so plenty of time to work on it and a day before the game starts i would receive all the data from the viewers.
This is a good opportunity to train our abilities and see how well it works.

I have done this myself and have won several times but money is not much since i do this alone for single games.
Single games i can do but 12 games which pays a lot of money i can't. So this works but It requires a lot of work for one person
to do alone and if a group works on it the advantages are to compare the data of all viewers and not only that, we
also have the advantage to compare it on previous game statistics too. Do you want to participate?


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Hi, i am a newbiee here but still think that you need to practice on yourself btw that is a good think that you are able to predict one game perfectly so that is why not enough?You can double your amount every time!


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I know it's good but not good enough because money won on single games is not much but playing for 12 games and hitting all 12 correct pays good amount of money and investment is not much for each ticket. I have done and still doing viewing for 12 games and many times i have had 10 corrects by combining my viewing with previous games statistics. Only 1 time i did hit 11 corrects. For 10 corrects which i have hit many times which is the 3rd prize, money won is very little, just covers the tickets cost. I think if more viewers involved the chances of hitting 12 corrects increases when playing for 12 games.

I think you didn't notice that i said ''I have done this myself and have won several times'' I said several times not always predicting perfectly each time.

I can't always predict 100% each time for each game, i hit correct many times and my previous predictions has been many times, not 100% always but several times. So even my viewing is very good still there is risky to bet a lot of money. If i want to win a lot on single games i have to invest a lot but for 12 games the investment is different.