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Harald Kautz Vella's lecture

I feel that this is important to share this impressive lecture ( brand new) with you :)
The author is a hard core scientist, researcher and journalist. The lecture covers topics like artificial inteligence, morgellon disease, black goo but it goes far beyond that. What I have found very special is that the author is talking about his first hand experience ( scientific research hands on) not just repeating after others. Some scientific background may be helpful to understand some concepts but even without it it is still possible to get the idea and it is very interesting, eyes opening, mind boggling. There are also his other presentations/interviews on youtube where he is talking extensively about the vaccination programme, mind control etc.


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That was certainly interesting. I probably listened to too much of it before bed though. Wow!

Unfortunately I think much of what he said is more than theory and speculation and does not bode well for the continuation of free thinking people on earth.

The author touches several topics like chemtrails, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, mind control, morgellon disease, vaccination, scalar waves, black goo.
In his other 3 part interview with Miles Johnston he goes into more details about scalar waves physics and the morgellon disease.
Usually in these videos you can skip some but almost all of this was info. IDK if it is true or not, I've never heard most of this stuff. Except for the part at the end when he says Native Americans were loving and peaceful. We know they were extremely war like.


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Except for the part at the end when he says Native Americans were loving and peaceful. We know they were extremely war like.
I hate it when people generalize about Native Americans like that. I mean, we are talking about hundreds or even thousands of different groups, each with its own history, culture and traditions, stretching from the southern coasts of South America to the far northern reaches of Canada. They were/are human beings like the rest of us, each with his/her own genius, folly, ignorance, and human frailty. The notion of the "noble savage" is just as demeaning as the idea of "red-skinned vermin".

So it all depends on which tribe we are talking about. From everything we know (or I should say "from everything I've read"), the mostly agriculturists (Hopi, Pueblo, etc.) were, by and large, very peaceful. But, of course, that does not include the agricultural Aztecs and Mayans, who slaughtered thousands ritualistically, cutting out their still-beating hearts atop pyramids. The hunter/gatherers, on the other hand (Lakota, Cheyenne, Black Foot, Crow, Apache, etc.) were extremely war-like. Many of the northeastern tribes that colonists confronted were not only war-like, they indulged in extreme forms of torture, like peeling the skin off their victims, one-inch sections at a time. And some of the remote Native Americans in the jungles of South America, still living a virtual stone age existence, practiced war as a way of life.

It's always a mistake to generalize about a people, but especially about groups of peoples that are spread out across two continents and have vastly varying traditions and ways of life. I wonder how this scientist came to believe such an obviously mistaken notion. Don.
All I can say is, thank God for FEEDBACK. Without it anybody can, and often will, say anything, and there is certainly a huge market for this kind of material. The video makes me question what qualifies as 'research' to HKV. For me my time is better spent practicing rv than watching this.


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Yeah, I always say that too. "Which ones?!" The whole "prayed to the spirit of the trees" thing can only be wretchedly demoralizing to people who know their ancestors were anything but that, and yet even the 'peaceful' tribes often had long ongoing wars or skirmishes with others (like the Niukonska and Iroquois). I mean we would consider our land to be peaceful and yet how many wars are we in and have we been chronically in, even unofficially, for the last century. It's pretty difficult to put a clear label on any of that.

Scalar waves and Morgellon's disease are both legit topics but I've never heard of them together -- usually the former is about weather engineering. Huh, I'll have to google that combo.

Most of this stuff is old. But, I'm a mid-southern coastal California girl, and since I was into hypnosis very intensely for many years I tended to hang out at psychic fairs so I could 'conversationally' experiment on the newagerbils as I called them (and yes I feel guilty about all of that now) and most of these topics were old hat even circa 1991. Except the black goo. Didn't hear of that until the X-Files, not sure it isn't a creative artifact of that.