Harold Puthof/SRI psychology test?


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In Harold Puthofs lecture for Arlington Institute (I believe) he mentioned a psychology test that they gave to their remote viewers. If I remember correctly he said that their best remote viewers fell into two "buckets". Does anyone know what this test was and/or what the two "buckets" were designated as? I would Imagine Ingo, Pat and Joe fell into these two buckets.



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Edit... I find it interesting/suspicious by absence that he didn't mention what these two buckets were.


Joe McMoneagle writes on personality testing in "Mind Trek":

I've been tested five times with the Myers-Briggs, which resulted in a consistent classification of INTP or INTJ. This translates generally to introvert, intuitive, thinking, and perceptive person. The last value (P or J) has frequently jumped back and forth across the line from perceptive to judgmental (INTJ-INTP). Testing of other remote viewers has shown a tendency toward INTJ or INTP, but this has never been a hard and fast rule. If anything can be said about testing remote viewers over the years, it would be that testing has shown that we are as normal as anyone else with regard to thinking and rationalization. We are also as different from one another as one human being can be from another.​
Those personality types seem too similar to be individual "buckets," but this is at least related to your question.

Paul H. Smith mentions some personality testing in his "Reading the Enemy's Mind" but doesn't go into detail. Creativity or participation in the arts seems to be one criteria. Fred Atwater & co. are impressed by Smith's pointilism. This is in-line with the larger right brain theory of RV. Ingo certainly was an artist, and so was
Hella (the SRI "control" who ended up with better RV accuracy than the psychic superstars).