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New to the board and back ARVing for about 6 month now. (Confessional like) aol
Started RVing 6 or 7 years back.

Anyhow been banging on the reams of 8 1/2 x11 near daily sessions for the last 6 months.
Found Marty and the folks at APP and work with a couple APP groups. All good experiences, and allot of class there!
Also do solo Forex ARV on non conflicting currencies which I track as many cycles as possible, reviewing variable theories to compare to outcomes and signal clarity.

Had a great run FEB yet March was equally bad so what I thought I was tracking that contributed to the good run again drifts away.
Wash rinse repeat. Each cycle I seem to get a better understanding of not so much what the actual signal is, but what it could be.

Its unlike a pond ripple where one could track the peaks thru calculated time and mass of the pebble that stared it.

It seems more like an 3d ocean wave with more than one input that factors in the signal wave we receive.
one ramps clarity and one ramps accuracy... here.

I try to establish theory's regardless of how outrageous so long as they do not alter the known reality we must each get thru or bust laws established and accepted. ( so real glad to see the esoteric section) ;D
RV wise although I track environmental / celestial items, I don't think I travel anywhere when I RV - Its easier to think that life begins and exist in a constant state of synchronization with the universe. Simple at resonant scales and time signatures.
Much more ease on the ego to assume it rules over a body that has an ability to read its universally synced self.
And when viewed this way we are looking for the mechanics of how the biology could store and retrieve the data and passes it to the layer of the brain we project our consciousness onto. So sub is no long beat up when we miss as we assume its a simple matter of tuning and angles that we do not fully have a way to track YET. Thinking is, an agreed its a stretch but... If we were to ever find the source of even one of the waves we could apply noise cancellation to our timing and avoid it.
Whew all that so my sub don't feel like an ass 43% of the time :) it helps as I dont drink so ....

At heart I'm an artist.
Love to Hate business - although I run a successfully agency of 16 years now.
25 years as a photographer
10 years as a 3d animator fx artist
6 years design and code development for online advertising
Build uavs (the other RV)
Design and scratch built a cnc
Run biotope naturally filtered coral reef tanks
self-taught all

4 kids (my best work)
Fold my hits length wise and my miss in half
took the blue pill when I was 18
want to be a comedian when I die
life is sacred
Adopted 8 days old - on.... "no shit" April Fools day '64. today.

Glad I found the site.



HI Bob,

You sound like you've really got something going. Did you receive formal RV training? And if so, may I ask who taught the classes? I've been learning from books, Youtube videos by Edward Riordan, and from TKR, nowhere near your proficiency. I'd like to use it for futures, if I ever get to that point. It will take me a lot more practice to find out if that's even possible.

Anyway I'd like to say welcome, and I look forward to hearing your take on things here.

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Thanks Mike,

Only training I have had is whats open online.
Started with the CRV manuals and grasped the initial concept and protocols - practice app called PRV really helped initially.
I ended up writing a web app back in 2006 to generate targets just to get around the challenge of blind targeting as a solo (pool of like 5000 images)
http://www.virtualhostmedia.com/REM/REM_ARV/index2step.php Makes a new set of randomized targets and IDs every refresh.
Feel free to use for practicing , I have a 10 digit lottery version as well if interested.

Like music its part theory/understanding and part endless practice/refinement.

Doing sessions and practice moves the ball forward on the RV side.
Over time it seems like I recognize better the type of thoughts that emerge as where when I began, I assumed thought was thought was thought.
Then you may catch yourself reacting to what seemed like a thought, and then you realized the reaction was sort of a thought of a different type.

6 month in so I'm here learning and will be taking some courses this year as time permits, but thus far no formal training.
Plan to attend as much training as possible in New Orleans this year.

Thanks again


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I'm late (missed this post when it aired) but I wanted to say hi. The utility idea is cool!

ARV is a trip, by its nature. There is always something inexplicable about why it's never as obvious or successful "in the long run" as is expected. I blame target selection criteria and protocol issues for most of it, but not all of it. I'm still of the idea that the displacement that often mucks up analysis is the subconscious's way of being 'wrong on purpose' (because the only way one can be sure to be wrong is to describe something specific in a decoy) because ... well who knows. Maybe there are many possible reasons. Or maybe it's a larger branching and the person just doesn't want to go down that probability path. Meaning that the effort could be less a viewing effort than a making-decisions-about-your-future effort but at the subconscious level.