Hello to everyone!


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Just wanted to drop in and say hi! I'm an absolute beginner to Remote viewing, just finished the 1st DVD of Ed Dames and have been pretty mindblown/scared shitless/going through identity crisis for the past 48 hours after what I judge to be all hits (5 out of 6 RVs, at worst) as far as gestalts are concerned. Looking to work through it as my foundation then explore Farsight Institute, Joseph Mcmoneagle, Silva and David Morehouse. Hope that I can gain courage from the community to brave the unknown. Always have been afraid of stuff like this, seeing as my imagination can get pretty fucked up sometimes.

But I really, deep in my heart, want to know truth. I hope this is the way to go. Hope to learn about who we are and what we're here for, and maybe help a friend or two once I've figured it all out myself!


do you ever dream you're someone else?
You will find a lot of good information at Daz Smith's site remoteviewed.com