Help me differentiate this?


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Hi. I read the Remote Viewing book by Mc Gonagle but am always living by myself and find his protocols - cumbersome and intimidating - to be something I regard as counterproductive to developing my gift. Perhaps readers could help me differentiate whether I have begun spontaneously remote-viewing years ago, or have a different kind of gift that needs training elsewhere?

What I do is clairvoyant,but definitely what McGonagle would like if it were for military purposes. I see places - even insides of buildings but particularly buildings - up to a week or 3 months in advance of me arriving at "said" place. I do not know if this is clairvoyance or clairvoyance combined with occasional astral projection when I am "inside" said building.

This is difficult to differentiate or "name" because for years i have also been an empath who readily soaks up emotional signatures in cemeteries or other historic sites where people once lived. Part of the information actually lingers in the soil or composition of the historic site; I am mineral and water sensitive to a lesser extent...with a "weather arm" that tells me within half a minute if I am near underground water or an overhead storm is coming.

Am I suitable for remote viewing, then?


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Hi there.

Sounds like you would be just great for Remote Viewing, especially with all that experience. Be aware though that they aren`t just Joe McMoneagle`s protocols...Remote Viewing IS the protocol, based around the blind experimental set-up where the viewer knows nothing (or at least very little) about the target.

Ergo you can`t spontaneously Remote View in absence of the required protocol. That`s not to negate your experiences nor your talents...just to say that strictly speaking you aren`t Remote Viewing.

Astral Projection, perhaps? Clairvoyance? Long distance sensing? Future Memory?

What's in a name, after all? So long as it happens, it happens. ;)

Marv :)


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Hi there,

Sounds like a lot of natural talent, that is always a plus in any kind of psychic work.

The difference between what you are doing and what RV generally entails is that there is an intent to perceive something in RV (the first of the primary points of protocol). In other words, it's not just a "spontaneous" thing, where one random thing in the universe shows itself to you, and you later see the info was apparently via psi. It's something you have to do on purpose.

If this were basketball, you could say that just randomly tossing a ball around a gym with 4 courts, and hitting one of the 8 baskets, it's really the official game; you have to be aiming for one specific basket, and get through it, in order to actually make the points. That doesn't mean the other throws weren't great shots, only that if they were either random or accidental, they weren't *planned* shots.

That doesn't mean that your experiences are not psychic. They may be visual, they may be something remote from you in space or time, and they may be wonderfully accurate. We would call that "psychic" and "precognition". Not necessarily RV.

It sounds like you might do well at RV if you put your mind to it, though.

On locations: I love stone. I always feel stone as if it holds the history of the experience around it, like some kind earth-bone library archive. That's great that you pick up so much from environment. Although that's psychic not formal RV, it's a terrific talent.