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Hi There.
I'm new here. I have Joe McE's book. And I have read a few online articles. I have tried one online site that had test targets and I found that very useful. However, in the "Remote Viewing Handbook", most of the information is to be used for experiments and involves several people. I am wondering how I can practice this on my own? Can anyone give me some advice on simple targets that I can test myself with and not need to involve other people? I'd like to practice by myself for a while first. I want to work on it as I get preminitions etc. and I think this is a logical step for me.


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See the box up in the corner of the page that says "GO VIEW"?

click on that.....

create an account...

and start viewing..


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Okay, thanks. That helps.
But is there any other way to do it besides using a computer and other people?

In the meantime, I will try the site.


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have you ever looked at ? I met her at one of the Unity churches in Atlanta. In person, she exudes a sense of goodness that is inspiring. I'm not sure if I would have started learning more about RV if I had not encountered Doreen Virtue's work first. Of course it's not a prerequisite--people who are far more advanced than me have probably not spent much time at or read any of her books...plodder


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Yes, there certainly is. You can view on your own. Joe has advice for how to create your own target pool, but I recommend having someone else educated from the book and then doing it for you. That failing, use the studios or to get a target number, do your session offline, then just get feedback.

I have an article that is more detailed on many ideas for creating an offline target pool, here:


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Thanks for all the advice guys. I will check them all out.
It is so nice to have this support and a place to ask questions away from the rest of the world that thinks you're (whoo hoo) "a little out there!"