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Hello all,

I'm new here and very new to remote viewing and remote influence. I would like to request a cheeky favour from all you here. An investor I know has promised to set up a really important meeting for me that can make or break my career, but he is taking a long time to do it and I am running out of time.

If there's anyone out here who can help me nudge him in the right direction and ring me up soon for the meeting for me via remote imfluencing I would be really grateful. It would mean so very much to me.

I thank you all in advance



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Hi Melissa,

Probably, you'd want to go to a magick forum for this, or maybe wicca (ceremonial magick more likely). In the RV social world, it's really "politically incorrect" to suggest influencing anybody. We are even concerned about what we assumedly-passively-perceive about people that is none of our business; actual influence, aside from some peoples' interest in healing, is very rare and pretty much never discussed publicly. ;D In some other circles that relate to psychic work, people have different philosophies about that sort of thing. Good luck with your quest.