i a new to rv and was wanting to know a good route to take to get started as far as exactly how-to do it. any suggestions will be appreciated.


Hi Ti....did anyone ever get back to you to help you out?


Well, there are some manuals out. For example on
Or on

I have great experiences with the DVDs on
But they are quite expensive...


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I recommend you go to daz's site and look for the "Open Source CRV" manual, or, that you go to site, and look for the "TDS Methods" manual (on the front page).

Better yet, I recommend you go to the TKR dojo at and click on 'Galleries' and look at what others do, and then click on 'Studios' and do some yourself.



the farsight institute free course is not bad either.
(if you cut away all the extras like CSP and affirmations)


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Welcome Ti and Hi everybody, its my first day in the forum, not in TKR.

I'm a complete novice and I started with
I'm agree with Morgan and also I think that is an easy way to introduce your self in RV. When you'll know the basics, at least ear about them, then you can go to any other manual or method (I think)
Here you can find, videos, and mp3 that explain this first steps. Just load your MP3 and begin learn. The site also have potcast with interviews from some RV experts (SRV, CRV, ARV, etc.).

Welcome and see you soon


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Also, most the audio/video SRV materials are WAY easier and faster to download directly rather than via some bittorent client. Dr. Brown gave permission for me to stick them on my comserver, so you can get 'em there:

Free RV Methods - SRV Audio/Video


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Your help

Hi Palyne,

I visited your page in where you have the multimedia SRV files. You do many things, all them for help other people to know, to learn, to practice RV, no matter witch method or no method ;). Really a titanic job. Sharing all your knowledge very friendly. I just hope that you know how are you helping as.
With your sites you supplies all that a novice or a professional needs. It is admirable.
I extends this words either to the admins who works hard in this project.

I also trying to do a tiny start point (www.visionremota.inf) for those people who speak Spanish and don't know English (almost like me). People who wants to try or know just something about RV. Of course that TKR as a recommended link (enlace) on it, as the best, since the first day.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you.