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Holistic Abundance -- mind, body, soul and finances


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I hope this is all right as part of it is self-promotional. But I formed a corporation earlier this year called Holistic Abundance Inc. ...while I hope to eventually make some money from it, it emerged from a sideline passion of mine to share ideas and info on improving mind, body, soul and finances. I have a career as a Registered Nurse to bring in income, so I am trying to do this the right way and provide some good info even when I don't gain financially from it. The site will have some articles on remote viewing as the year goes on also as that is definitely a cool way to open the mind! My flagship website is www.holisticabundanceinc.com


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Clearly, I'm a year late, as by the time I show up the link doesn't work anymore! :mad: Oops. Sorry.

I hope you're doing well Plodder, whatever it is you're doing nowdays. :)



The Wayback machine grabbed a copy...