Hollywood will make reality TV of RV


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We're way off topic here, but I can't resist asking what the target was?

Soon we will have a spot to post all our sessions. It's going to be great to see what each other comes up with and then discuss it all. ;D

Now..........what was the target? ;)



Meditation is the key ;)
Ok the Target as Been revealed! :D

We were sitting in the living room and I was telling her about Ertai's encouragement and that coords were given on the posting of Ertai's, well, Lana said to me at that instant, "I just saw waht looked like a large tall dark piller type thing rising into teh sky sort of to the left of her view and tall and pointed sort of, like the monument in DC. We both laughed and said that we would find out. I mentioned to her that I had posted on TKR how soemtimes when I increase my intent to experience, Lana seems to be the one that has the moment that I intended, of course we laughed some more.
Hey Energycritter!!! Your Wife War right on the spot!
And It was the only information she gave to you?
Its amazing.. so little information, and soo much right!

Its good that your said that it was sort of like the monument on DC... Its good to note those AOLs

In RV you get many forms, and your brain starts to conclude what it is relating it to memory, and buildings that your retain in your memory..
So your wife related the tall piller with the pillar on DC

It is just not a great Hit, but she defined the AOL (the memory image that cames after correlating the information of the target with information that you have on your memory)

Very nice, I'll be replying to each session

There was a newbie in RV there in the forum called Samy that Described the gestalt and structures of the target very precisely, while some others were pretty off the target



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I got an answer back from Hemi-Sync about their recordings. They don't have a specific recording for RV, but said that many people have found their "Gateway Experience" series very helpful for building or improving their RV skills. She said that the series is designed to allow the listener to explore different states of consciousness and is progressive in nature, as each exercise builds directly on the tools and techniques already learned.

It's only sold in sequential order.

What I didn't get from this is whether or not it is something that a person could just listen to while practicing RV though.

I suspect that any of their concentration recordings would be good for just listening to, but I haven't heard any of them.

Well, I don't know how much I've helped, but it may be something fun to explore.



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Thanks a bunch MC...

I am just freaking out right now...I just got done looking at Grillflames target (G2F9) that I tried to RV, well....aaaaaahhhhhh.....I will not comment until Ertai makes his remarks, but, I do feel good about my first session, and the funny thing is, I was totally interupted, so, I think the noise helps me to divide my theta and bete waves, I do not know, jusy guessing.

I plan on trying the music load in my headphone thing next time. The distractions may help me to keep one part of me occupied while the other part of RVs.....I do not know, I amy be compleetly wrong about that idea..we will see....

This stuff is more fun than a barrel of monkeys....yes Damein, even more fun that the dowsing monkeys you own...ha ha... ;) ::)

I love this stuff....I can not get enough of it....the sad part is that I can not share it with anyone at this moment...aaaaaaahhhh....I tried to call Lana but she is at the college today with Meg getting classes lined up....I want to talk about it so I am posting this little trip out session post....I am tripping out in such a pleasant way....thanks again Ertai for the encouragement and Glyne for the simple, breath until flaoty and jot crap down instruction that helped me to try it. Well, actually, you all encouraged me...thanks....


whew...sheeesh....OK, I am down from the roof now...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

BC the EC


Weeeeeeeeeeeee, So busy me have been. Sorry for the delay in answering your Q Ertai.

Linko Plinko

Plinko was my favorite game on the Price is Right. Why, I don't know. However this movie will be the first to say the words "Remote Viewing" ta da :D. Ben Kingsley and Aaron Eckhart were both trained to RV by Ed. I'm also told that Ed got to write his own small part in the movie. His one line is pretty funny from what he told me. So definitely anticipate a large surge of interest from the public in RV.

As for Hemi-Sync, hmmmm. I have the entire gateway series downloaded on my computer. Uh oh errrr, I hope that the RIAA doesn't hear that I've been downloading files off the internet. RIAA, not to be cofused with the RIIA who created the CFR, bloody hell. No more Campari for me :-[
So anyway, I have not heard of anyone using Hemi-Sync tapes to formally RV in another structure. There is a certain wave that has a remote viewing task for you to accomplish, but its not like the normal session you would go through at home. Also, once you get into the higher 'Foci' there are times when you get to roam freely and I guess it may be possible to RV then. I would recommend against it simply because of the time constraint of the tape. Although I think its a great tool to learn how to relax and to explore your consciousness. If you know your RV history, Bob Monroe worked with the military RVer's and I believe they were very greatful for there experiences there. So in short I avidly condone the gateway series, very expensive to buy or free at winmx, your choice :) You didn't hear the latter from me. :-X They also have a Remote Viewing practicum that is taught at the Monroe Institute now. Skip Atwater is heading it. Some of you savvy people might know more about it than I, nudge nudge PJ.

au revoir,

Oh btw, I only have one monkey, a dead piranha, a cactus, and I am currently trying to get a good Crystal. Thanks to waterway's post I am sure to win the Dowsing for Dollars. I thought about Billy Crystal, but I don't think he's funny, then there is Crystal Bernard, the chick from "Wings" I'm still wating for her to return my call. When she does, I'll just have my monkey train her in the "dart" method. I hope she's potty trained, I don't want to have to buy another litter box. Cat litter is expensive.


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Hi everyone.This is my first day in here and I just want to share my first RV session.I found this teacher on line and he gave me 4 targets to do this week.He basically told me to relax in a chair, close my eyes , pen and pad in lap and to imagine a lock box that i could put all my thoughts , concerns, feelings imaginings into and lock and push way behind me.Then I was to try and allow my body to fall asleep, while keeping my mind awake.After about 20 mins, i should start asking what the target is.(what is target 20?)I should repeat this every few minutes.I did this and i started perceiving what seemed to be waves of energy/light moving downward .I detected colors of white and yellow and black and curved lines.That was it.I was alittle frustrated that i did'nt get more.I told him my results and he showed me the target picture. IT was a wadded up sheet of white paper which was on fire and it was falling through the air, with a black back drop! I think i was on target!? :DI guess this is a limited form of ERV.I am studying the conventional CRV protocols too.What I am wondering is what are the limitations of advanced ERV and why , if one masters this type of RV , would'nt it be much more effective, or is there just to much potential for AOLs to occur?sorry about my typing.I'm a newbie to the internet too and im not sure how to space my lines yet :-/


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Welcome to TKR atman....do not worry about the typing or spacing...it will come....

fellow newbeeee toooo, BC the EC


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Is the movie somewhat related to RV?

Gotta check that movie out if it is  :eek:
Yes, it is!
Release date isn't set yet but it will be released sometime next year. Perhaps in April.