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I like collecting home remedies that work and passing them on to others and see if they have anything useful to add to my short list.

Just after I became disabled I was stuck with no way to get health care for awhile. The stress had my BP at 200+/100+. I should have stroked out but luckily didn't. An acquaintance that was into natural remedies had me try a concoction. Juice a half glass of cucumber with a half glass of celery. Choke it down straight. Don't try adding salt or anything else to it to make it more palatable. Within 15 minutes my BP was dead normal. 4 glasses a day kept my BP dead normal for the following 2 1/2 months. The concoction also supposedly lowers your cholesterol and generally cleans your system out.

I stay outdoors a lot. Being a Cajun from Louisiana this is kinda normal. I'm also from Cherokee/Choctaw descent and dark complected but I'll still sun burn just like anyone else does. Don't waste money on all the sunburn creams and sprays. just smear Vick's Vaporub on the sunburn. It stops burning almost immediately and heals faster than normal. Darned if I know why but it works. It's really great for a summer cold and stuffy head too.

Do you live in an area that's plagued with fire ants? Or any ants for that matter but fire ants ar notoriously hard to get rid of. Not now and cheaply too. Buy yourself the largest container of cheap molasses you can find at the grocery store and a large bottle of Boric Acid. Find a coffee can or other container with a decent lid. Pour the molasses into the container and keep adding boric acid to it until it's pretty thick. Drop a teaspoon full on the top of the ant mound. The ants will carry it to the queen and the mound dies within a day or so. I had 4 acres in Louisiana with no fire ants then in Florida had 2 acres with no fire ants. Boric acid is harmless to other animals.

Ever buy a second hand appliance or something from a garbage sale, bring it home then find out it had roaches? No problem. Forget the Raid, Hot Shot etc. They don't work. Bring out the Boric acid again. Depending on the brand of Boric Acid, you want a small opening to release the Boric Acid. Hold the bottle sideways and puff it so that a really fine cloud of acid is ejected. Cover your counters and entire floor with it nightly. In a week you'll find there are no more of those tiny little roaches crawling around. Boric Acid as already stated is harmless to you, your plants and animals. This remedy will also work if your yard has a flea problem. It won't get them out of the yard but it'll keep them under control in your house.

Being from Louisiana I'm inclined to the spicy foods. I can eat Jalapeno's out of the jar. If you happen onto something that lights your life up, don't try chugging water, milk or any of the other things you were lied to on stopping the burn. Unless you're diabetic, try a spoon or two of ordinary sugar. Beyond that, you're on your own dummy.

A spoon full of sugar will also stop hiccups. If you're diabetic, place your index finger under your nose like you're trying to suppress a sneeze, then press inwards and upwards,,,, gently. That area is a pressure point and to much pressure not only hurts like heck it'll make your eyes water and nose run.

My disability stems from falling almost 30 feet from a pipe rack onto a concrete apron. My lower back, knee's and hips didn't appreciate it. At all. I'm one of those that where pain meds are concerned they either don't work at all or are just to danged much for me to tolerate. Keeping my weight down under 230 [Nature dictated I'm a big fella] and my abs in shape help my lower back. When that fails, over the counter Doans works. Weird that prescription drugs don't work but plain old Doans do. And they're cheap.

I worked a rotating shift for almost 30 years before my accident. 12 - 16 hour shifts. As a consequence I suffer from circadian rhythm syndrome. My mind doesn't really know when I'm supposed to go to sleep or stay awake. Prescription drugs only work a few times then nothing. The only over the counter that helps me is Valerian root. Take double what the bottle says and in about an hour I'm ready for the covers.

Restless leg syndrome? That's usually something aggravating nerves in your lower back or a reaction to some drug you're taking. Try elevating your shoulders to help straighten your lower back or rolling over on your side and straightening your lower back. Cheaper than drugs and the over the counter stuff doesn't work that well. If all else fails ask your Doc to prescribe Ropinerole 1 - 2 mg. It's cheap and non-addictive.

That's my short list of cheap things that I know work. What ya'll got?


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For hiccups, fill a cup with water, stick your fingers in your ears, and drink the water through a straw while holding your breath. Take small swallows. It's important not to breath and keep your ears plugged, to "maintain suction". I have never seen this not work.


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Here's one I forgot. If those new shoes pinch a bit, which they probably do, find yourself a small spray bottle. Fill it about half way with regular water and the other half with regular rubbing alcohol. Spray your socks down with the solution and slip your shoes on. Wear them until your socks are dry. Don't worry, they won't pinch for more than a few minutes.

I say your socks and not the inside of the shoes for two reasons. 1.] You're not gonna get the right area by spraying the inside of the shoes. By spraying your socks you're guaranteed to get the right area. 2.] If you spray the outside of the shoes you're gonna have white shoes and you'll never get the color back again.

Why it works I dunno. I just know that it does and it's the exact same combo that you can buy off the shelf for quite a bit more.

I promise you'll find the breaking in process has been reduced from days to minutes. I just did this again with a pair of lace up Harley Davidson work boots and a pair of Harley Davidson pull on every day boots. The break in time was about a half hour for both pairs combined.


There is a Yahoo group that discusses using electricity to destroy infections. I have successfully used it to get rid of a tooth infection and a couple of other infections. I have seen other people from this forum on there.


How did you apply the electricity to the tooth? What voltage and current and polarity did you use?

Have you seen the articles that came out about using electricity for brain stimulation a few months ago? Have you tried that?


I saw the articles but haven't tried that. It was a 6 volt battery with 2 home made electrodes with sponges on them. One went on the inside of the gum the second went on the outside of the cheek. They were switched about every 5 minutes and left on for a total of 20 minutes. I did that a few times over the course of a few days and the infection went away.