How many members use a pendulam?


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I have been using one off and on for years.

How many find 'it' to be accurate most of the time and how many find it to be 'just too quirky' ?

I find it very interesting when the answers I get totally contradict what I think I think! :eek: least this tells me I'm not influencing the answers :p


My wife uses the pendulum, with good results, and I have used the finger loop technique with decent results, not in conjunction with RV though. I should try it that way too.

I need to practice the pendulum thing though....

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I just posted a couple things on pendulum....

I have only used it a little. Not a lot. Sometimes it seems right on, sometimes totally wrong, sometimes contradictory.

When I do it frontloaded, and STILL get answers that surprise the heck out of me, I usually figure those are real, that if I knew the question and had an expectation and it still ended up different that it probably isn't my doing LOL.



.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
OAKIE DOKIE ;D Count me in for the pendulam stuff also. As long as I am also in denial and apparently looking for as many distractions as I can to avoid doing what I don't want to do, I may as well have some fun!

I was lucky enough to not only meet with but have several hour long converstations with a master dowser, Leroy Bull. I attended a class of his and had a fun experience. Prior to the actual class, we had a field drill where we took our rods and scanned the area for under ground water lines. He knew the area well and could vouch for our hits or misses.

I apparently have a thing 'with water' cause I not only did well (no pun) with his tests, but I also found a location for our own well and as it turned out, this is where the well diggers decided was 'the' spot to use. (They had no idea I had already picked the same spot)

So, during this class with Leroy, I was sitting with all the others and my hands became soaking wet. I mean almost dripping wet. I asked about this and was told by him that my particular seat was directly over the main water line into the building. ;D

I have played with the rods, but really like the pendulam. PJ, I read your other postings and can confirm much of what you said. I also find it can be quirky, but it's due to understanding the language. I can get that pendulam swinging so fast and so wide it's unbelievable. I took to it the very first time I ever picked one up.

Your comment about getting answers that differ from what you thought they would be is the same thing I discussed on the Saddam posting. It's not at all what I expected, yet there it was. This is why I posted it. I'm either going to be right or wrong. I know I didn't influence it because I would have choosen different answers.

Your comment about wording the questions is so right on. It is extremely important that questions be worded simply yet conclusively. I read your other posting 'somewhere' about phrasing questions in regards to another subject, but it still applies to using the pendulam or any other psi work.

I think a combination of remote viewing and using the pendulam would be a great way to do a session.

So, count me in on this project !

(Hang in there Tunde, I'm getting to those targets ! ) :p


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[ I often use my pendulam when I have lost something and need to know which room it is in, or if it is even in our flat. I have located my husbands keys on more than one occassion.

My friends are astounded when I get them to ask it a question in thier heads and then I get the pendulam to answer yes, or no. They are so impressed that they asked me to buy them pendulams. I told them that it takes practice to use one properly.

A good friend of mine couldn't get it rotating at all and was getting frustrated. I told her to relax and look into the crystal and become one with it. She managed to get it to turn a little bit, but she is still wary of using it.

A great-uncle of mine, who has long since passed introduced me to dowsing from an early age. Exposure to it from childhood has opened my mind to all possibilities.


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rachel1963: [ I often use my pendulam when I have lost something and need to know which room it is in, or if it is even in our flat. I have located my husbands keys on more than one occassion.

That reminds me, I can't find my pendulum. It's been missing since the end of summer. I really like that stone too. Malachite. Wish I could find it. ???


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I use my pendulum rarely, but my primary method used daily is what I call pensweep dowsing self developed out of ease and its natural action using outline images,graphs ect as the surrogate replica for the intended action, with a primary heading then isolating subgroups if needed to pinpoint issues. Devised due to my personal limitations and is deadly accurate consistently.   Anything unnatural seems quirky to me, but we all have used pens and pencils lifelong and trusting the result is easier before you even start, and afterward jaw dropping feedback will keep you hooked, for me anyway. I showed my way to a seamstress on body scar locating, she was'nt getting the idea precise until I said try to see them as rips in a garment, that was more natural to her as she scanned. :)


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Re: How many members use a pendulem?

I've used one on and off for a long time. Seems to work fine for me.


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Pendulums are for "quick" yes or no questions, but can be used to go through an entire list of yes or no ones when needed.

They're good for those "blind" moments everybody gets
and answers must be had.

Its also a good tool for various forms of "is there something here or not?" on new ground (actual earth)...(when imaging
a specific object or thing being searched for by the pendulum user...


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Just started up with one again last August and haven't done much with it recently. There are only so many avenues that can be pursued at one time.


I started using a pendulum when I was reading the books by Bandler and Grinder on neurolinguistic programing (at least 20 yrs. ago). They described how to use it as a way to communicate with your subconscious. As I remember it, they said that the subconscious controls micro movements of your fingers and hand to make the pendulum swing. They discussed the fact that sometimes your subconscious will attempt to 'please' you with answers you want. I still have my pendulum hanging from my hutch, but I haven't used it in a long time.


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So what are the requirements here.
I mean what does it have to made of ,
Crystal, gold etc.

Anyone have any clear directions for doing this ?
Any good w/p around ?




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and a bazillion others.

There is no requirement except that you be able to hold still, and that it be able to turn. A small weight at the end of a length of something.

Something: thread, string, cord, chain, hair, anything.

Small weight: pendants, including stones, crystals, and little tiny plumber's plumbs (great shape), but it could be a bolt, a napkin ring, really anything you want. Some people like something pointed or close to it but it's optional.



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I've loved using pendulums, tho I've gone years without using them. Recently I've made pendulum/pendants/healing tools as multi-use pendulums with Quartz, gemstones & copper. My fav tho is a quartz machine-tooled into a point. I've never used one that reacts so strongly.

Just the other day tho, I had been feeling unsatisfied with the yes and no answers I had gotten recently, so I did a little "test" to see if really pendulums are reliable, or if it's just giving the sub or semi-conscious answers you want. So I asked simple questions that I knew the answer to, but I thought the opposite. Even asked "Is my name Fred?"
, which it's clearly not, but I thought "yes". And the answers were always the (wrong) ones that I was thinking.

So it left me unsure if pendulums are really accurate, or if they simply give the answers we internally want . . .