How would I go about finding this female?


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Well, I had a class with this female but I was too chicken to ask her out lol. I'd like to find her but how would I go about rving her?
(Sorry if asking this bothers anyone...) :-/


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Umm... Why not go through "conventional routes"? I know I'd be more than a little spooked if someone 'found me' through remote viewing. Just seems damn intrusive to me. If you're not willing to go through it the normal social means, OR if she does not want to be found then you have to ask if you are in this for the right reasons or if you are chasing an obsession.

BTW, heres a tip: don't make a huge deal of asking her out! Just do it!


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Be inventive, this is one of those things better done the old fashion way, get the intel from the class roster.
You could say that you have something of value that is her's (or it will be her's as soon as you make a gift of it to her) and you must contact her to give it to her. Then make as many good memories as you can.


I can in no way sanction RVing a private person in the way you suggest. Sure, RVing Bush or Saddam or Michael Jackson, that would likely be a differnt story, but a regular private person? The RV community, if it doesn't have it already, should really codify some sort of code of ethics. Although, that assumes there's an RV "steering committee" or something (which of course, is a WHOLE other topic).
Sure, I've been tempted to do what you're considering....but I can't say that I've succumbed to the's just not right (in my own humble little opinion)...
That's my two cents
I'd just like to point out that everything happens for a reason. However, sometimes people are meant to be fought for ... but sometimes there are other reasons for events not happening.

Try not to stare too long at a missed opportunity. It makes the better ones more difficult to notice.


Euphoria = Hitting the Target !! : )
;D I like it GW ;D

Laughed soooo much !.

But its true, should consider something worthwhile to
do with this skill.




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I'm sorry everyone lol.... I always seem to ask these types of questions that cause pandemonium. I'll try to limit myself from asking certain things. ;D. Hope no one thinks werid of me now or anything lol. I'll hang my head in shame for a few days and pick myself back up.


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Don`t worry Kato, I don`t think your request was all that bad. Why the hell not use RV to track down a paramour? You hear about people viewing their soulmates before they find them...surely that`s tantamount to the same thing you`re suggesting.

It`s not as if you`re going to turn up at the lady`s door and wave a bunch of sheets in her face before barging past and borrowing her PC to let us all know that you were successful, what method you used etc.

As long as you put a great big smile on her face when you find her...

Marv :)

PS. Set me up a decent target cue and I`ll see if I can help.


But you know, if she's not interested then let it go. I don't think this is the forum to start helping stalkers...not that Kato sounds like one ;).

Talulah~and let us know how it works out if you want...


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Hi Kato,

I'm with Marv on this one. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to find someone with RV just so you can ask her out for lunch or whatever. If you find her and she declines lunch with you fine, that's the end of it. Honestly, I don't see the diff between trying to find her through conventional methods and doing it or supplimenting it with RV. Not to mention it would be a neat experiment. I can see how the idea would make some people apprehensive, though I don't share the feeling. I'd be flattered and rather amazed if a woman went to all the trouble with RV to find me and ask me out (although, if I wasn't schooled in RV, it would freak me out. If it works, I might not share that tidbit with her if/until you two get to know each other much better ;) ). I imagine this is an apalling stance to some people, but I don't see how it would violate any kind of 'unspoken code of ethics' unless it went beyond locating her and into other things. Maybe I'm missing something. I know that I've been somewhere, seen a striking woman and thought, "Wow, I should go talk to her," only to realize that she was gone and procede to walk around the shops looking for her so I could ask her out. Nothing wrong with that. What's the difference between using my two physical eyes or my minds eye?

Guzziguy, you wrote"
I can in no way sanction RVing a private person in the way you suggest. Sure, RVing Bush or Saddam or Michael Jackson, that would likely be a differnt story, but a regular private person?
Personally, I don't see the difference. If one feels that viewing one person is an invasion of privacy, how would it make a difference if that person is in the public eye? Does it give them less of a right to privacy because the media does not afford them any? That doesn't make sense to me. A person is a person whether they are a celebrity or not and should be given equal consideration.

Keep in mind though, I am speaking in the context of Katos situation. The idea of viewing to locate a person for something as harmless as asking for a date. Not 'mind probing' a persons deepest secrets, psycology, etc.. That is a different subject.

Greywolf, you wrote:
How about RVing the cure to brain tumors instead of scaring poor little girls off ;)
PsiSpy, you wrote:
But its true, should consider something worthwhile to
do with this skill.
Call it what you will folks, but healthy pursuit of a date with a pretty woman is plenty worthwhile as far as I'm concerned. ;) That's like saying, "Dude, why are you playing 'Turkey in the Straw' with that fiddle when you could be trying to play Mozart?" Well, I like playing bluegrass tunes, turkey in the straw is fun to play, and I won't burden myself with guilt of not reaching to the highest percieved echelons of musical hierarchey.

Damn, my cat has been missing for a week. I'd try to view where he is, but I should really be working on a cure for cancer instead. :-/

Kato, you wrote:
I'm sorry everyone lol.... I always seem to ask these types of questions that cause pandemonium. I'll try to limit myself from asking certain things. . Hope no one thinks werid of me now or anything lol. I'll hang my head in shame for a few days and pick myself back up.
Don't be silly. Often the uncomfortable questions are the ones that most need to asked or discussed. I would be ashamed for everybody if you were discouraged from asking legitimate questions on this board for the simple fact that it might make people uncomfortable. Comfort and group-think are not what we are about here. We are about remote viewing and exploring all the ideas, thoughts, etc. that go with it. Keep 'em coming. ;)

Marv, you wrote:
It`s not as if you`re going to turn up at the lady`s door and wave a bunch of sheets in her face before barging past and borrowing her PC to let us all know that you were successful, what method you used etc.
Yeah, tried that once. She didn't exactly swoon with love at first sight. LOL ;D



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Gosh. My stalkers are never that much fun.

I hadn't read this thread. So now I'm realizing the other ethics thread (now lurking in the depths lol) did spawn off this one.

I think it's a fair question though. Actually I like the sort of questions that 'question the assumptions' which I think this does. Don't be shy, those are often the best. ;D

Maybe the fact that many folks think of psi as somehow having a different set of morals than non-psi, is itself some kind of testament to how we separate ourselves from accepting it?

The more 'natural psi' that a person has in their life, the more difficult it is to separate this stuff. If you're quite likely to know more than you want to about someone just by shaking their head or sitting through a business meeting with them, the issue of whether 'using psi to feel where in the office they are' when you need to go find them, doesn't seem eerie in any way, any more than sticking your head out the door and looking down the hallway would. Even 'feeling how you think they probably feel about issue X' is basically psi, and we all do that anyway, some of us are just more aware of it. (Would that imply that the ethics only apply if we are dense. lol.)

Might you get an impression of their mood or something they are feeling or thinking if you make contact with them, and they are downstairs in the lunch line? Well maybe, but you can get quite a bit of that kind of info even just from someone's face and pheremones and voice frequencies and body language. And it may be 'secret' to everyone but you. And it may give away more than they wanted to share. But ...

If the *intent* is to pry, then it's invasive even if you're using your eyes. (...and that night vision monoscope that sees right in her window ;D). If it's not, then I'm not sure if it unethical to use psi.

But maybe that's wrong. Ironically, I have never been tempted to view people that for example, I dislike; to me, viewing is intimate. Heck I don't want to get that close to anybody I don't like lol! If I want to affect a person in my reality, I do archetype work (a shamanic technique) with them or the situation, not RV.

Then there's the other angle of this: some people use psi all the time. They may end up CEOs and rich stockbrokers and 7 figure salesmen. So back to that original dense question, is it only unethical to use psi in some situations if you know you are?

Is it only unethical that they found that 20-something blonde model just after she broke up with Fabio because their "psi" led them to run into her table in that little cafe and meet her at that vulnerable moment---but not unethical that they closed a business deal because their gut instinct told them 20 more seconds of silent hard stare would make the guy cave? Is the business guy's decision somehow more or less ethical than the lonely blonde's decision?

If we really live in a world of survival of the fittest, would not a man seeking a woman be within his "darwinian rights" (god I love coining phrases) to use any edge he could to win a woman, or find her in the first place?

I'm not saying I support any of these points, I'm just throwing them out as thoughts, I'm interested in what others think on this.

(Re the darwnian logic, I expect that logic if led to its conclusion would end up with a mercenary yucky world....)

GW's post was funny. But that made me think then about that logic. You know, that's like going to a person and, no matter what they are doing, suggesting that they ought to be doing something 'better' with their time. I think 'ought' is a really hard word. It's like the judgement of god or something. There are some cultural and basic human "oughts" that we apply, like you "ought" to learn to read and you "ought not" to hurt others.

But who can fairly judge how any other human "ought" to spend their time? At any given moment I "ought" to be, let's see... Ingesting something healthy. Viewing. Cleaning my house. Spending time with my kid. Viewing. Doing extra useful things for work. Coding for TKR. Exercising. Viewing. Writing letters to distant family members. Meditating (times 47 types and needs on the list). Did I mention viewing. One could easily say PJ, while you wasted time posting on TKR, you "ought" to have been (check one of the above). Well yeah, "I ought." But maybe, if it weren't for my taking 'freedom time' to pursue what I find interesting and hang with online friends virtually, I wouldn't get even half of the other "ought" stuff done that I already do. Who can second guess the moments of life?

It is one thing to say that a person 'ought not' to do ____ (something harmful) but another to say they 'ought' to do something (which implies that they really have "no right to free will, or to choose the priorities of their life"). At any moment we all OUGHT to be feeding the hungry and a zillion other needs every community has, let alone the big world. Right now, you're reading this board instead of helping the homeless or saving the whales. Have I the right to dictate how you spend your time? "You have a good mind. You OUGHT to be educating yourself, or reading good literature, or telling your mate you love them." heh.

And back to the original thread question. Would it be unethical to use psi to find her if he wanted to give her a job? He could be the man of her dreams, love her like no other and save her from a romantic disaster that changed her forever with someone else. Would it be unethical if she had embezzled 7 mil from a paying RV client? Yes I can see that to the client it would be different, but are ethics like collection debts you can sell for 2 cents on a dollar and so transfer 'righteous wrath' to someone else to go hunt someone down?

So in applications RV what gives a viewer more right to view Jane the alleged-embezzler than just Jane the girl the viewer wants to meet again personally? Is it less ok to find someone for good reasons (doing something right, you really like them) than bad reasons (doing something wrong, your client is hunting them)?

I find this an interesting topic personally.



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Wow.. That's all I can say lol.. Well, thanks for the offer to help Marv but I think i'll just let her go like the others. I always seem to let them slip away without ever asking one out lol. Perhaps one day i'll get my nerve up enough to do it. My intent was never to stalk her (though it seems a lot thought otherwise). Thanks for all of the supportive feedback to those who gave it. I think I'll just continue working out so the females will start asking me out when I flex my muscles.;)


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I don't think it's stalking. (I, at least, was kidding. ;-))

Never underestimate the power of sincerely appreciating a woman and just blurting out, "You're -- you're -- you're so lovely. Can I buy you dinner?" Laugh sheepishly, look at the ground, then back up at her. Seriously, try it on 10 women who aren't actively involved with someone and I bet you get a date. And even the ones who don't say yes, will like you forever. ;D



do you ever dream you're someone else?
apparently they didn't bother teaching you ethics in the way you learned RV'do.
Hmmn, maybe!

You can't train "RV'do". That's a McMoneagle term... he doesn't train... the people who do, train methods not ethics for the most part... which is handy since half of 'em are seriously in moral question themselves LOL.

Now, it would be "discussion" (on this... discussion board...) if you said, "I don't think that's ethical, and here is why." Throwing holier than thou rocks doesn't lead to much conversation, and usually just invokes an equally unfortunate reaction in others. Ya really have no idea what other people study, or believe, concerning morals; only this one particular example. It's ok to disagree. But it is a discussion board, after all... try 'discussing' something.


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of course and like I'm one to talk to much on subject of not viewing girls cause i'm alays viewing my girlfriend she doesn't mind to much except when she finds out that I view my ex girlfriends.


I don't think you can train ethics. I think you can talk about ethics all you want but that everyone else will in the quiet of their bedroom still do whatever they want to do. Maybe some onf them will just not talk about it out loud is all. And we've seen in the world of politics and religion that soemtiemes those who claim the greatest piety turn out to be the biggest sinners, LOL! I guess that is why I look at ethics differently. I feel I can only control myself but have only slight influence on the ethics of others.

As for this finding of cute girls thing, I think it's a fine line between stalking and just natural libido. A woman may appreciate a certain amount of effort but at some point, it gets creepy, and where the line is depends on who you talk too. Interest in itself is natural though and I wouldn't go so far as to say that rv can't ever be used for mundane issues. The thing is, when dealing with sensitive cultural issues, usually the best course of action is to be very careful with it.

However, I think the biggest issue is that rv is not really well suited all by itself to location finding. IF you have little to go on, using just descriptions of a house or whatever, you really WOULD have to be a stalker for likely success! Better off working on dowsing if you need locatoin and that takes a long time to learn as well, so again, we are talking stalker tendencies. Rv is also not well suited to discrete exact units of info like numbers. IT woudl usually take a huge project to find a person if yo didn't have much to work with in advance, a project that is usually best undertaken with police or lots of footwork and time on the ground to search and follow leads. Much better to next time just ask for the phone number by conventional means!



Can I give you some advice on women? I'm just trying to help.
Muscles are nice and they do help, but if you really want to catch the attention of the girls, give your confidence a workout.

Do this by talking to every woman you meet. There are millions of wonderful women and you can learn from them all. Even if you aren't attracted to them. If the woman who is checking out your groceries at the store is 20 years older than you, strike up a conversation instead of just standing there waiting for her to get done.

When the waitress brings your dinner. TALK to her....about anything. Talk to your bank teller......ask her how her day is going. Be sincere. Do this for a year and forget the weights.

One day you will realize that talking to an beautiful woman is no different than talking to the lunch lady. You'll just launch into conversation without realizing that you should be intimidated. Land a date this way and it will be for you and not your muscles. And who knows, one day you may realize that an ultra babe might not be what you actually want. ;)