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Hypno-RV: Combining Hypnosis and Coordinate Remote Viewing

Howdy folks. I am still fairly new to Coordinate Remote Viewing. I have just under 10 sessions under my belt, but a lot of reading and research in addition to the limited experience. I'm an engineer by trade and like to figure out how things work.

First a little background. I was exposed to hypnosis in college when an entertainer came to our school and did a show where he hypnotized members of the audience and had them do some humorous things. My current wife was one of those subjects way back then, although we did not really know each other at the time. Back in 2010 I was going through some anxiety issues and it occurred to me to actually try hypnosis. My wife encouraged me and said that she had never felt so relaxed when she experienced it in college. Much to my surprise it was a very positive and relaxing experience. I began to practice self hypnosis to save on money since the hypnotherapist I went to originally was not cheap. Later I learned that self hypnosis was very similar to meditation.

I began to open my mind to spiritual concepts when I later experienced positive results with acupuncture and other energy healing techniques. As I began to read up on the spiritual concepts I got exposed to past life regression hypnosis. I read the books 'Journey of Souls' and 'Destiny of Souls' by Dr. Michael Newton where he talked about not only being able to regress his clients into past lives, but also into a super conscious state where they could recall their conscious time spent in between incarnations as souls. This fascinated me so much I decided to make an appointment with yet another hypnotherapist trained and certified in Dr. Newton's techniques.

I was genuinely curious to see what it would be like to remember a past life and was even more curious about what the in between lives experience would be like. My first appointment we did two one-hour past life regression sessions. They were absolutely amazing to experience. I had been meditating on a daily basis for quite some time at that point, but these sessions were more clear and vivid than just about any meditation experience I had on my own prior. I believe the primary reason for this is that in a self-guided meditation you must remain in control and keep yourself from drifting off to sleep. You have to keep part of your analytic mind active so that you can think and guide your own experience. With a hypnotist guiding you it allows you to let this part of yourself go. It requires trust because the hypnotist is now doing the analytic thinking for you. Your job is simply to journey, perceive, and report on the experience verbally. There may also be an aspect or element of the combined force of your intention and energy towards the experience. Anyway, the hypnosis experience was easier for me and much more clear/vivid. I really enjoyed it.

Fast forward to this past spring/summer. I was so interested in the hypnosis experience I had that I decided to take an online course to get certified in hypnosis myself. I completed my certification in June of 2014. I am glad I did it because I learned a great deal about hypnosis and realized that I had a lot of misconceptions about it thanks to pop-culture and media. Also around this same time I got together with a few friends and we started learning and practicing Coordinate Remote Viewing. We struggle with it as many do. You get little snippets of flashes, sensations, impressions, etc. It is difficult to filter the data signal line from the noise. We get enough results to know that we are getting some good info from the targets though.

One of the girls in our group is very intuitive, but struggles with the distraction of having to work with paper and pen during the session. She was remarking on this difficulty recently and I had an idea. I know from my hypnosis training about the value of the brainwave states. I also know from my CRV training the value of the brainwave states. They are fairly identical. Hypnosis you are sitting or laying in a relaxed position and verbally reporting on your experience to a facilitator (monitor if you will). In CRV you are recording the experience with pen and paper while you probe the signal line. I suggested we might want to try a session where we try adapting RV to fit in a hypnosis session and see how it goes. She agreed to try it out.

I wrote up my script to match the CRV process as close as I could make it fit. I kept it segmented in stages, each one allowing the aperture to open a little more. I also designed it so that you enter into a room where there is a control panel. You enter your coordinates into the control panel. In front of the control panel is a stream of light flowing from the ceiling into the floor. After entering the coordinates the stream of light is to represent the signal line. You simply step into the signal line to connect. If at any time you need to disconnect all you have to do is step out of the light. In stage one we only focused on the A, B, and C components. In stage 2 we went on to verbally driven. In stage 3 rather than sketching we just had her describe what she was seeing, feeling, perceiving. In stage 4 we went through the matrix to get S2, dimensionals, aesthetic, emotional, tangibles, intangibles, etc. In stage 5 we stepped out of the data signal line to filter through the subconscious stored data. Finally in stage 6 we went back into the light and explored the target with the aperture at its widest.

The session was pretty amazing. It was around stage 3 that her target contact began to get pretty good. She was definitely describing aspects of the target that I knew were verifiable. It was like she was there walking around and observing. I'd imagine it would be like how Dr. Puthoff described Pat Price and Ingo Swann were able to walk around their targets like they were there first hand. I know that is almost what it was like for me in my PLR sessions, but yet I struggle with the pen and paper RV process like most. This session we did seems to indicate that others can benefit from hypno-RV as well.

We're going to play with it some more and see how things go. I realize this is an adaptation, but if RV can be adapted to a white board, why not hypnosis? Rather than writing and sketching, what is wrong with verbally describing? If people want they can do some sketches after the hypno-RV session prior to feedback. In our session I was aware of the target and she was completely blind. I did my best to not lead her with my questions I tried to keep them open ended. As she got better signal line contact I helped guide her as we explored the target. Anyway, I think it showed a lot of potential. It was one of our most interesting sessions. What do you guys think?
This is awesome, thanks for sharing.

Lori Williams does something related. After stage 4, you can jump into ERV mode. in HRVG there is also a stage/phase in which you jump into ERV-type state.

I definitively would like to try it out see how it works for me.
Very interesting. I was an electronics tech who also got involved with hypnosis and meditation. I would like to try your approach. A few times doing RV at home worked really well for me, but I'm going through quite a dry spell. If I'm ever in a position to try your approach I certainly will.

Did you ever consider working with people in a hypnotic state to see if a way could be found which would make it easier for them to work with pen and paper, alone, completely blind?
mscir said:
Did you ever consider working with people in a hypnotic state to see if a way could be found which would make it easier for them to work with pen and paper, alone, completely blind?
No, I have not. I am still very, very new to hypnosis. I completed my certification in June, but I have not really done anything with it other than hypnotize my wife once to see if she could meet with her spirit guide and get some useful information. We had some really neat success with that session, but that was all I had done with it up until 2 weeks ago when I tried the hypno-RV session with my friend. So now I've done two hypnosis sessions since getting my certification and both seem to have been successful (and awesomely fun). The reason I really haven't done anything with it is not for lack of interest but more for lack of time. I have a day job where I work as an engineer and project manager. The hypnosis stuff is more of a side interest and hobby. I really wouldn't mind doing it more.

I suspect that this hypno-RV really is similar to ERV except that it likely makes it easier for a new viewer to get into that state. The hypnotist can do the critical thinking and analysis as you explore the target. The hypnotist also acts as a monitor and serves as 'training wheels' to keep the viewer in the proper state where they don't get distracted with pen and paper or drift off into delta (sleep). Fun fact: Delta is actually considered a state of hypnosis since the subconscious mind is still active. This is why listening to positive audio recordings like affirmations can have positive influences on your behavior.
YES!! Excellent! I've done these sort of things also, just via spontaneous Past-life sessions. What I found was that healing past-life traumas was key to expanding consciousness and thus making it easier to make powerful contact with the targets.

I combined an EFT like tapping process (my own) with getting people to connect with "the optimum" past-life etc. (could be between lives or more) and when they connect with the trauma we tap it away. The transformations are usually very quick (5 to 30 minutes) and absolutely AMAZING!!

I'd suggest that you continue and when you think that something might be stuck, do a past-life healing session or two. I'd be happy to share what I do. I've felt for years that healing old traumas are key to uncovering all of our potentials. EFT practitioners are trained to believe that the core traumas are earlier in this life, like childhood. I found this belief to generally not be true and quite crippling.

Past-lives seems to be where most of the core traumas are. Even MAJOR present-life traumas are best healed via a past-life. They are much quicker, and much more pain free and empowering!

Regarding working with pen and paper, that might be easily healed with a past-life session.


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Sounds like a Shamanic Journey. I am happy to see people experimenting on these levels. Whatever works is the best way.

Having both people blind to the task would be better, you can still intuitively guide the session.

So last night I did another hypno-RV (catchy isn't it?) session with my wife. I used the same target that I used with my friend and they got a lot of similar details with a few discrepancies. I'm having fun with this so far. More to come, but I'm not sure when. I'll try to post on how things go.

I can try a double blind session in the future. At this point we're just trying to get comfortable with the process. Thanks guys.