I am remote viewing on extra terrestrials.


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Does any one else RV on extra terrestrials or other planes? I ask this because I am RV on them a lot lately and now every night I am having dreams on what I am targeting. I do not want to go in to much detail here. I am having paranormal (disembodied voices in the same room as me ) as well as dreams related to what I targeted when I fall asleep RV.
Are you learning something out of it? I would think most viewers have had some experience viewing them at some point in time. Makes me wonder what would happen if you would view dead people exclusively, would that have the same effect...


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@TriGeo93 Y, Y & Y. There is no limit, none. Pay attention to what you dream, guide yourself through them and ask why?
@RVTrainee001 in his book Lyn Buchanan describes following a man through death to his next incarnation in which the dying man became a walk-in of a 10 year old boy

Lots to have fun with,