i keep hearing a small hissing sound


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what goes on here sounds like past of the "snakes on scene" agenda...first (upon awaking) I hear a buzzing sound -- like a generator is on from about a block away -- this is followed by a ringing vibration in my ears. Sometimes this phase is painful -- like my ears are experiencing a tightening effect -- venturi effect -- then there's a mild roaring noise followed by voices riding the "sound"....I find myself asking "them" "don't you people EVER sleep or shut up?" Harriet


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I may have answered my own question on the hissing/ringing sounds and "voices" in the air.
Anyone interested can check out "hypersonic sound" on
web pages and read military applications of same and the "sound curtains" Elwood G. Norris chairman of American Technologies Corporation is using (2003 military conference). Vis-a-vis Remote Viewing and audial inputs this one raises alot more questions about
whats going on than it answers them. Anyone else (read the web page stated first) got any input on this one?


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On the hissing, whistling or ringing sound I highly recommend the book The Ringing Sound by Eric Gustafson.

http://www.ringingsound.com - or -

In most cases the inner sound does not have an organic basis like tinnitus. The "audible life current" or "sound current" is the core of a spiritual practice.