Identifying the letters in an HRVG experiment


Forgive me if this is in the wrong place or if this topic has already been discussed.

I read about an experimental session in which Glenn Wheaton of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, HRVG, attempted to place a message in a photograph taken in the past. Whether he was successful or not has been debated, but I'd like to see for myself. Can anyone help me find the location on the image they're talking about? It's supposed to be found on the forehead. It's a daguerreotype photo taken in 1875, and the subject was early American photographer, Matthew Brady. A digitized copy of the photo I found is too large to attach, so I have provided the link here:

Below is a snip from the HRVG website article about the experimental session:

"He found himself in the 1875 photography studio where the subject was sitting for his photo. Old style photos like this require extremely long exposures. It why people never smiled in Deguerrotypes. They had to sit rigidly, not moving a muscle or expression for many minutes while the light photons were captured on the copper plate. As the photograph was exposed, Glenn (there at the target) placed himself between the subject and the camera and traced the letters H HEADS W. on the subject’s forehead. Glenn is able to revisit targets and replay the scene over and over again. He did this many times, each time etching the message A HEADS W. as the photographic plate was exposed."

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Thanks, PJ. Sorry to have missed it. Did what I thought was good searching, but just didn't see it.

Quite an extensive thread. Lots of good discussion. Upon initial inspection, it looks like the participants didn't have the luxury of accessing the picture.

I've combed the picture quite a few times, but haven't found the message. Learned it's supposed to be above his left (from the subject's perspective) eyebrow.

The concept of retrocausality is fascinating. HRVG did another extensive inquiry using a person from the Titanic. The Titanic is also mentioned in the thread but not in relation to HRVG's inquiry.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
The picture used to be there so I'm guessing it was hosted on their site and they removed it.

RetroPK is an interesting topic. I seem to recall Dr. Henry Stapp used to be interested in that.


Thanks very much for the link. Looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to diving in. I read that Daryl Bem has done some experiments to test for retrocausality ( I believe published on retrocausal effects for studying after an exam . Knowing that they say observation pretty much solidifies an outcome, I would imagine the most significant effects would have been shown for studying after an exam but before receiving the score. If it was across the board, observed or unobserved, I'd sure like to retrocausally revamp some old grades of mine ;-)
1. PK is real. you can affect matter at micro or macro levels. This could entail impact on matter such as long exposure film.

2. Thoughtography is real. Julie Eisenbad for instance studied a person called Ted Serios who was able to imprint images on film.

Why wouldnt a remote viewer be able to do the same thing? i dont see a reason why not.