Improving ARV Reliability with 1ARV


1ARV has the potential to dramatically reduce displacement and substantially increase ARV reliability (Success Rate) since there is only one potential Target for each viewer. 1ARV works best in a Team environment so that both "Sides" of a wager can be covered.

A workshop is being offered in Las Vegas to teach and apply 1ARV, and to form a 1ARV internet Team. The Team will permit continuing improvements in both personal and Team 1ARVing after the
workshops end. Workshop participants will include:
Russell Targ - Initiated, with Hal Puthoff, the RV program at SRI in the 1970s

Don Walker and Jon Knowles : Don was the first to publish (July 2009) a report, as far as we know, on Unitary ARV predictions/experiments. Jon was the second to publish (August 2010) Unitary ARV results.

The Workshop is right before the IRVA Conference in Las Vegas, June 14 thru June 17
"1ARV Sports and Financial Wagering/Investing: Remote Viewing Applications
using Team Enhancements"

Join Us and Keep RVing,



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This is exciting, Marty!

I won't be able to attend this unfortunately, but is the material to learn 1ARV on your website?



The best link to start learning 1ARV on your own is:

And then participate in the Public Precog Project with details on how:

Enjoy your 1ARVing,