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I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a bit of what I have done pre and post RV. Here is my bio that gives some information about my training and experiences. I invite visitors to this list to post their bios and any other interesting info about their lives that relates to RV.

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith was born in 1946 in Bristol, England. After gaining professional qualifications in nursing and social work, Dr. Smith worked with Voluntary Service Overseas at the Paraiso Infantil Orphanage located in Villavicencio, Colombia (1972-1975) . There she ran the orphanage nursery where she began a remedial program for abandoned babies and children, and helped prepare the children for adoption. She followed the progress of the children for 20 years after adoption and published her work in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. She returned to the UK to attend the University of Wales, Cardiff in 1975 and received her Bachelors degree in 1978.

Dr. Smith then worked as a Research Nurse with the Faculty of Medicine of Manchester University (1978-1981) where she also studied towards her Master degree at the Institute for Child Development at Manchester University. Her research, studying the lateral development of newborn infants and their families at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, was published in Cortex.

It was during her stay in Manchester, England that Dr. Smith began studying alternative philosophical, religious, and parapsychology topics. She had Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) since childhood and wanted to learn more about this phenomenon. She attended parapsychology courses and conferences where she learned about the scientific research into OBEs and other parapsychological phenomena. She also studied Buddhist meditation with Dr. Vladimor Zakian. Dr. Smith also took part in OBE and lucid dream research. as an external participant, with the Psychophysical Institute in Oxford, England.

In 1981 Dr. Smith emigrated to the United States and held several administrative jobs before gaining a research position with the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey (1985-1988). She worked there as a researcher, with the Institute for the Study of Child Development, studying mothers and their premature infants at St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.

In 1986, Dr. Smith's interest in human consciousness prompted her to become a research participant in parapsychological studies at the Psychophysical Research Laboratories (PRL), located in Princeton, NJ. She then volunteered at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory at Princeton University, NJ, through 1988, when she was hired as a member of the research staff. Dr. Smith worked at PEAR until the Fall of 1992. PEAR was involved in many different research projects during that time, including: Precognitive Remote Perception (PRP) and Human-Machine Interaction (REG) studies.

In 1991, while working at PEAR, she enrolled as a student with Saybrook Graduate School, a distance-learning graduate program, located in San Francisco, CA., to work towards her Ph.D. degree in Psychology. She received her degree in 2001.

During her Ph.D. training, Dr. Smith traveled to Moscow, Russia, where she interviewed mathematician and mystic, Vasily Nalimov. Her biography of Nalimov was published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. She also traveled to England and to Kenya during the time she was employed at Princeton University.

Dr. Smith is a writer and published Remote Perceptions with Hampton Roads Publishing Company in 1988. Her second book, Diary of an Abduction, was published in the spring of 2001 by Hampton Roads. She is currently working on a historical fiction novel, River of Passion, that tells the story of the village where she grew up, Shirehampton, in England.

In 1992, Dr. Smith relocated to Las Vegas, NV, to work as Research Coordinator for the Bigelow Foundation. Her work with the Foundation preceded the Consciousness Research Laboratory and the Chair in Consciousness Studies that were ultimately established at UNLV. She left the Foundation in 1994 to continue her graduate studies and to write.

From 1993-1996, Dr. Smith was employed as an Instructor for the University of Nevada's Professional Development Program that offered professional and business courses to adult students for industrial clients within the Las Vegas area

Between 1997 and 1999, Dr. Smith received CRV training with Paul Smith of Remote Viewing Instructional Services and with Lyn Buchanan of Problems Solutions Innovations. She also audited SRV training with Dr. Wayne Carr of The Western Institute of Remote Viewing. Dr. Smith attended the Gateway Program at the Monroe Institute and became a founding director and member of the International Remote Viewing Association. From 1991 she carried out remote viewing consulting work for many organizations including Psi Tech (1991-1994) and Intuition Services (1992-1999).

In 1997, Dr. Smith began teaching remote viewing courses in Las Vegas. Between 1997 and 2002 she traveled across the country and abroad to give courses including: California, Montana, Vermont, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Dr. Smith has now relocated to Boulder City, NV, a small town outside of Las Vegas where she continues to write, teach, and carry out research into human consciousness topics.

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