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Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
Staff member
OK and welcome! :)

I have been thinking about doing this for some time and TKR/PJ and the admins have allowed me this space.
What I would like to do is help, share and both mentor & learn form people who are interested in the CRV form of Remote Viewing, but who cant afford to pay $thousands for instruction.
Now of course one-to-one intensive instruction may be the best route - but alas for some of us its not possible. I get a lot of people ask me 'where can I learn CRV' so lets hope we can give a new option.

So here we are. There will be separate areas created herein, for General discussion, practice, library, expansion and more as things develop. How they develop is well up to anyone who wants to be involved.

This is new to me and all in development so bear with me - email or message me with any comments/ questions/ideas and well see how all this goes and where we end up.


General discussion - Anyone can join-in and discuss in the general area.

Practice - in here if you'd like to join-in you will be required to post your RV in public and we will all discuss and share each others experiences. I would welcome only the people involved to contribute to the discussions here please! Depending on if anyone is even interested or how things go - I'm more than happy to give one-to-one help by Skype or email on sessions and how you are working with CRV.

Library - I will add the various CRV manuals, tools, documents, videos and audio files as links within this zone - anyone can contribute to this area.

Expansion - this will be an area to discuss how to move CRV past Ingos Seven stages, whats next, what work for you in ops CRV work, how to expand CRV further still.

So if you are interested in sharing and learning with others then enjoy and have fun! ;D

All the best..
Wow, Daz, this is like Christmas in June - great great news and anyone who works with you is very lucky - this is going to be wonderful.

Everybody, Daz mentored me and my CRV grew in flying leaps, I really can't recommend him highly enough. He is an excellent viewer, instructor, and just a dynamite person, so you are in the best of hands if you are able to study/practice/grow with him. I also worked with him in a study group of great viewers, and to me it says a lot about a person when they can attract such good folks to work with them. Daz is very highly respected and regarded in the community, and he deserves it.

But, Daz I am already scheduled (over-scheduled :)) through most of the summer, so although I'd love to jump in here headfirst with sharing experiences and sessions and anything else I can share, as you indicated, to assist in advancing this wonderful technology, I need to get my schedule opened up now to come to TKR and visit more. Let me see what I can do...you'll hear from me soon.

This news made my day, thanks so much for doing this Daz! :) :) -Mary


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
Staff member
thank you!
Sounds great and don't worry about speed. Its not a race and (hopefully) I'm not going anywhere, and am willing to help in whatever ways I can. Lets just see if we can entice a couple more people to be involved then well start on some start practice - but feel free to look around, look at all the hundreds of CRV examples I just posted to the library and I will try to add to this as much as possible.

Please ask any questions you need or share any thoughts/comments/ideas.

All the best.


New Member
Staff member
If you ever need anyone to assist with setting targets (eg so your viewers are double blind), analysis, anything...just ask. Think this is a great idea and wish you every success on these boards.

Marv :)


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
Staff member
As a long time CRVers, friend and colleague I hope you will contribute in any way you can or want to.
I always value your input, drive and viewer on all levels.

I welcome the idea to seperate the CRV content from other activities. Wish you all the best and a good response on this part on the board. :)


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
Staff member
thank you and also look forward to anything you'd like to share an participate in.

All the best..
Hi Daz,

Really good to see you starting this, and just at the time when I decided I must come to TKR more often. Dang...it must be an omen. ;D

So much has happened in my life over the last year or so, and none of it good, and so I have let things go a bit. I do sessions yes, because once an RVer always an RVer, but I feel I have become rather 'plodding' and fixed in the same old, same old.... I have not been exploring the possibilities of CRV and of the chance of better data. Time to try to breathe new life into my RV.

I just printed out your new manual...glad I did it double-sided ;)

Just to say, if I can help out in any way then I will be very happy to.

All the best as always,
It's great to see all of you so far. I've never been good at remembering to go check boards and hope this will be the exception. Working with you, Daz, and Pj, Marv, Glyn, Pat, well so many great people at TKR and in CRV. I'm excited that you're bringing this section of TkR into being, Daz. deelighted.
About me. My intention was to drive over to Austin, take part 1 from Paul, drive to Alamagordo and take part 2 from Lyn, then head up to Reno and finish with Angela. Hurricanes, spousal deaths, lawyers, and finances changed that plan significantly. I think it's a good time to start again.
Hi All,
Very interested in learning crv, and in the couple of mini sessions i have done (only stage 1,s) yeilded remarkable results, but recognise i am only just beggining so would appriciate any help i can get along the way.
Soooo many questions after readingt the manual Daz!
Hi Daz,

Great to see this new endeavor on your part and that of the TKR and RV community.
I am looking forward to reading your revised Open Source manual and reading Eight Martinis and browsing your website while having some tea. Your contributions are always valuable and of the highest quality.

I hardly fond the time to Dedicate to RV (as might be evident from my years of absence from TKR and the community) but i will try to spare some time to this great art and toget this place going however i can.

Good viewing!
My name is Ruby I am from USA, I am new to this Forum, I am looking forward to reading your revised Open Source manual and reading Eight Martinis and browsing your website. Your site quality is really high.


peace yall. Im Nyiam from toronto canada. Have been practicing CRV for a bit (self taught from reading manuals /watching/practicing ) (first caught the bug in 2010) , looking to expand my skills and abilities through information sharing/learning.
Ive have worked sessions to stage 6 .I do about 4-5 practice sessions a week usually between 1 - 1.5 hours. i post some of my sessions (video white board) on my youtube channel youtube.com/nyiamtv
looking forward to learning and growing with this community ;D