I think RV is natural. We can either sing, or play piano, or not. I am a horrible singer. RV seems natural to me unless I am told it is weird. I was told that by my husband, still my husband. It hurt my feelings a little. RV should be natural. We should be careful, good guys or not. I am happy with anything. I know this is the money place, get it, but viewing has to be careful. Very careful.


or not. and good luck to you. the babies. Adam and Eve. She was not his helper. Look up the original words. Men do not like it, and I ever the feminist. I am not a fan of people in general. Grew up in the country alone a lot. A lot is not one word, btw. People need to learn good English and not just junky text messages or slang. Junky English. I am a little picky about our English. It is a good language, complex, and we have people ripping it apart. That does not make me happy. If they slur words, not happy. I care about our English, and I have a southern accent. Most countries speak three or more languages. Our educational system needs to catch up. Most people speak only one and it is bad stuff, slang. We have smart people. Sounding smart is a big deal. We have lazy people.


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Dear Daz, and forum members,
thank you for this opportunity.

I'm very passionate about learning RV. I'm doing the free audio course of CourneyBrown (Farsight Institute) with some astonishing and some funny results, (God, is the mind funny sometimes!) and I absolutely fell in love with it.

I'm a hypnotherapist certified by the ACHE, and my first encounters with hypnosis taught me that there is a gigantic amount of information available to us, and some of that even "wants to be heard."

Those pieces of information are strongly connected to us because of their emotional and energetic charge, so they were not hard to "download".

There were two types of such "downloads" I experienced.

First, when the whole data just was there in one "complete and round wholeness," like a skein. (That's how it felt.)
It was time, space and energetic charge compressed into one dot. Incomprehensible as such, but one just needed to focus on certain points and untangle and it was there.

The second type is when one is kind of pulling the information out of the blackness, link by link. Or sometimes the stream of information was pulling me with it, unraveling itself bit by bit, but there is very little sideways movement or freedom of movement, as opposed to the skein type of information "download." (Or I just had no idea how to do that, most probably.)

Those pieces of information are connected to the person directly, sometimes even physically, but now I want to step further and explore information not connected to me in that way.
That's why the RV became my new passion.

I'm extremely hungry to explore the mind and the various dimensions it lives in. There are soooo many questions I would like to get answers to that it's crazy (like who built Machu Picchu, what kind of a consciousness do the bacteria have, do humans really belong to different types of consciousness etc.) :D

So any help is more than welcome that brings me closer to my goal!

Thank you!



Welcome, Japardice/Irina. I'm relatively new to the forum, too. Lots of nice people here and that's been very encouraging. I hope we can foster some more participation. The forum is extremely valuable, in my opinion.


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The forum is extremely valuable, in my opinion.

Hi Arkeo, I totally agree. I'm surprised why more people haven't discovered it yet.
The material here is invaluable.

As for me, I will do my best to "foster more participation" :)