Intuition. When and in regards to what for you?


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Hey all, I'm a new guy here.

Anyhow, I was reading the intuition thread and it made me remember the times where some things pop into my mind without trying, it just pops in my head and I verify it.

This mainly happens when playing cards with friends.. and usually around my friend Bill. Someone will be dealing and all of a sudden I'll tell them to stop, will point to the card they're about to toss and it'll be the card that popped into mind.

So from reading the threads, I decided to play around with cards since that's where it seems to work for me. As I left my seat at my computer, the 6 of spades pops into mind. As I was walking to the kitchen to get a pack of cards (were already shuffled from past use, not a new deck in order), I was having a mental struggle to either shuffle the cards or cut it before picking my card. When I got the deck in my hand I decided to cut it, then I felt around and towards the middle of the deck I picked one card and it was the 6 of spades.

I was excited about that, went to the living room and told my dad about it and he said it was a coincedence. So I cleared my mind and the 2 of diamonds popped into mind. The card I chose was wrong but the odd thing was that I couldn't find the 2 of diamonds in the deck. It was the only card missing! I went and told my dad and he felt like he didn't believe me like I was putting him on.

So I go back and try to quickly thing of another card but I got it wrong. So I wait a few minutes and let a card come naturally to me. The queen of clubs pops into mind so I calmly sift through the cards in my hand with my eyes close and the cards face down. I have my fingertips over them one by one going right to left. I felt iffy in the middle area again so I decide to give it another "feel" pass. I have a mental urge between two cards next to each other unable to decide which one to choose so I pick them both up and one of the two was the queen of clubs.

Needless to say, I was excited about that too.

Then later, the 2 of spades popped into mind. I think it was that because I couldn't focus on whether it was the 2 of spades or 2 of clubs, it was blurry to me. So I felt around again to try get the 2 of spades but I got it wrong. However, the card that I did choose was the queen of clubs again and after looking through to deck to see how far off I was from choosing the 2 of spades, I noticed that the 2 of spades and the 2 of clubs were right next to each other.. literally stacked together. Perhaps that's why my thoughts were undecisive.

Whenever I try and quickly think of a card number, I always get it wrong. Bill and I would try to think of a card when we'd play cards and we'd get it wrong. However, when it comes naturally, when a card pops into mind out of the blue, that's when we'd get it right. Earlier when I tried to quickly think of a card out of excitement to do it again, I got it wrong. When I cleared my mind though, I got it correct again.

So out of the 5 tries I did, I got my first natural intuition card correct. The 2nd one was weird as that was the only card not in the deck. The 3rd I got wrong because it was made in haste but the 4th was correct. Then the 5th was weird because the card I chose was one I chose earlier, but the two cards I couldn't choose between were stuck together in the deck. I'm gonna try and clear my mind and focus more after I post this to see what my results are. As I continue to write, if a card pops into mind without thinking about it, I'll check it out. Forcing a thought is just making me get it wrong.

Oh yeah, also the way I choose a card, I have them all bunched up in my left hand (face down) and I slowly move them one or a few at a time from my left hand to my right (eyes closed the whole time too). I focus on the card and what it looks like visually in my mind and my brain sort of pulses in a way to tell me to keep going or stop. And then when I'm close to the card, my fingers and brain tingle under the deck near the card as it gets closer. It locks down to a group of 5 cards or so and then and I try and focus on which of the ones is the card. I tingle and my finger moves left to right over those couple cards sort of like a seismograph with the needle going back and forth (not as fast as it, heh, I just don't know how to explain it) until it slows down and stops on the card and I choose it.

Then another way I choose cards is if I lay them all face down in a way how you play Memory. I don't look at any cards I put down so they're all random (even shuffled before I put them down) and I let them out like the game. Then as I focus on the card, I slowly run my hand over the cards super close under my hand gets warm and I get a slight tingle then I choose that card.

Anyhow, I was just curious if anyone else has that happen to them with cards or something similar. They're able to get something right when it pops into their mind naturally without forcing it.

I have that happen a lot just out of the blue with various things. I rarely watch TV.. I don't look at what's on, I don't look at TV guides or anything like that so I don't know when what's playing.. but I'll have the sudden urge to watch a certain movie so I'll go to the TV and see that it's playing.

Oh yeah and if I all of a sudden get worried when online, out of the blue my DSL modem will disconnect.. and that pisses me off because I mainly only get worried when I need to do something important like a competetive gaming match or something else.. and then that's when I lose my connection and am unable to connect for a good 5-10 minutes. Only before I need to do something important and rarely any other time besides that.

- N