Involuntary RV...where to begin?


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Please excuse the newbie posting a very basic (and long) question here, but I scanned the message boards and found nothing addressing this particular issue.

Since the beginning of 2001, I have had experiences of what I've come to realize as RV almost every night with my eyes closed. The experiences can range from complicated visions of places I have never visited, to simply being able to "see" the room I am in, again with my eyes closed. In each case, I can see small black objects moving around, but when I try to focus upon them, I lose resolution of the image.

I have never had any sort of training in this, and it used to annoy me, since I was a bit freaked out by it, but now I am wondering what I should do with it. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go from here? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Get some formal RV training. For a comparison of the various RV schools (albeit somewhat biased but has some points) see

Since you mention being freaked out by the untrained sessions, I would suggest using a standard EFT technique to achieve emotional dissociation from a session's content.

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Howdy Che,

I went through a 'phase' in my life where I had that nightly as well. The thing of seeing through closed eyes is pretty weird eh! I used all kinds of logical excuses to rationalize it to myself, even when I could see the clock. :)

Prior to formal RV stuff, how about just sitting down and make a list of every thing that it might be cool to see. Then go through them, one by one, in the evening when you're ready to go into this mode. The things to 'see' can be macro, micro, can be esoteric, can be in or out of the body or any physical form, etc.

Try some fun logical-steps visuals. For example, look at the wall; then look 'into' the wall; then look 'through' the wall. See if you can get the hang of shifting your focus instantly solely by "intent". Then see if you can take that instant-intent ability and apply it to all kinds of things.

See if you can go through time as well as space. See if you can 'see' a local newspaper rack and the headline the papers will bear tomorrow (not today). Write it down and see how well you did.

There is a good book by Jane Roberts called "How to develop your ESP power" or some other silly 1970's title like that. She was a natural intuitive who also had a brilliant intellect. She has some exercises in there for working on your own to experiment with using intuition in a variety of ways. You don't have to try all of them of course, if you're not comfortable with them, but some are fun.

You might also see just how well your 'intent' can change things. See if you can get your intent to focus on the 'energy body' of a mammal (human or animal) near you (find one :)). If you see any dark spots, see if you can gently brush that energy away and into the ground, as one simple example.

Rub your hands together hard for a moment, hold them out palms very near each other, and see if you can get a fairly clear glimpse of the 'energy field' around and between your palms. Experiment with making it brighter/solider, and then separating your hands widely and 'throwing' a 'ball' of energy from one to the other.

There are many things that people can do easily, but are hindered mostly by the fact they don't have a very developed third eye chakra and so can't SEE what they are doing all that well. Since you can see pretty well at the moment, now is a good time to experiment to your heart's content.