is it possible for all to learn rw?


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I got intrested in remoteviewing since a experience with a medium. The medium told me things in my life that i was going to do or was going to happen and ewerything was true to the detail.I don't know that person or the methods she was using but it was wery efective.First i got spooked out but now i'm intrested in learning this my self.I used to be a hard core atheist and thought bad of theese things.But now i opened my eyes so to say.The question is that is it possible for me to learn rw?I have very hard time to relax and got problems with much anxiety.Is there any possibility to learn rw if you only at the most can be "semi relaxed" even after "meditation" etc..Cause im not gonna give up
easyly on this thing is there any methods that you don't have to bee so relaxed?


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First- welcome to TKR!

Second, I am a firm believer that anyone can learn if they apply themselves. Your level you will reach my depend alot on you. Thats what I have been finding, but I am early yet in this thing of RV.

Learning to relax- Oh boy. This will benefit your greatly RV aside. Read up on the threads regarding TMI or The Monroe Institute, alot of people here listen to thier tapes, including me, and love it. They have done alot for me personally, in many ways. I highly recommend. Mod Karl is our resident expert (so now dubbed by me)

As far as methods go, alot of them preach speed vs relaxation. But focused concentration is key- relaxation can improve that, IMHO.

Good to have you here! Enjoy your stay.



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I don't know. If you can't spell the acronym you're already in trouble. ;D Just teasing.

Mediums are a different thing than Viewers. They generally attempt to contact the 'spirit' of someone for information. Do a web search under 'spiritualism' and you should find a lot of info on that.

RV is, like martial arts, not impossible for anybody. But by a fair tough training standard, it may take some people 5 years and others 10 to get to a level where they feel they are 'good at it'. It's a long term investment in yourself, to put it mildly.



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I know mediums is diferent but the expirience got me open for the possibility of rw and things that aren't mainstream science.Actualy what got me introduced to scientific rw was the CIA rw manual that i found on kazaa.Thanx for putting it there!As for my spelling i'm not english speaking, i know ya  just teasing. ;)
Tnx also for the TMI tip Eric just what i needed...i think


Just as an aid for communication, it's called rv which stands for remote viewing. (not rw) Gotta get the basics first! ;)


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Yeah I realize now he/she must be german or european. That part of the world tends to reverse V and W as they have the opposite sound in some of those languages. (e.g., the word 'Volkswagon' is pronounced there Folks-Vagon.)



Welcome to TKR blaze....... :D

Embrace yourself the way you are presently and relax about being anxious and don't be anxious to relax.