Is it possible to astral project into the future? If so, how? Would it be considered a form of ARV?


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It is certainly possible. From what I have read about astral projection (and I have read pretty extensively on it) it doesn't seem like it would be reliable or replicable enough to determine any future outcomes. I wouldn't think it would be considered ARV unless you ran it through some RV protocols and managed to figure out a way to make it Associative.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Astral projection (or out of body experiences aka OBE) is awesome, but even in the most ordinary of circumstances -- the here and now of the room your body is in -- the state of mind and perception is pretty offbeat. I'd think that perceptual state would just add a ton of noise and interpretation issues to any data you got. Ordinary viewing -- without the OBE or lucid dream element involved -- is enough work to understand clearly, let alone when working with topics of the future (where our knowledgebase creates paradigms or missing-info that make it hard to accurately evaluate views/sessions done on very-future targets).