Is there info from a session I cannot perceive or recall or communicate?


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I know you all have discussed this and I am sorry I have not taken the time to immerse myself in the past threads, but please forgive me and provide your valuable insights.

So when I view an event, are there things at the event I will not get info on, maybe because I have no experience related to that concept? Or if I do perceive it, so I recall it in my session notes as something else?

I know we look for adjectives or aspects instead of things. And I recall Mr. Swann mentioning that we may get it wrong in what we draw or describe it, but it is correct, we just don't have the accurate adjective/language to describe it. I am thinking of the nuclear power generator and he drew a steaming kettle or something like that.

Maybe we get the info, we just don't have the words. Or could we sometimes not even get the info BECAUSE we don't have the words?

What are your thoughts/experiences? Thanks.