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Is this RV course any good?


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Hi, I´m a newbie rv viewer here, I just wanted to check here if you think the course I´m on now its a good and valid one. Its a 4 dvd video training course from Ed dames. Some warning flags are that its creator is currently also selling some other training dvds about the end of the world that he have seen through remote viewing and how and where to find safe harbour, but many has not come to pass. I also can't register on their forum.

The structure of the course seem similar to that of farsight, at least by comparing templates on how to begin a session. But my course don't mention anything about meditation yet, just that no thinking is allowed. Has anyone here tried his course, should I continue?


That is how I learned. I thought they were well done. The thing is, there are many more books and courses online now that could probably do the job for free. I had read a lot of books on the subject but could never quite figure out what to do and always felt a little lost. Watching the videos really helped the learning process for me. I would maybe try the free learning stuff that Daz offers on this site before I purchased any videos (The General CRV Section). You might find that a good way to learn and save some money. And Daz is an exceptional viewer. After that I would try Youtube for remote viewing learning videos. If that doesn't work for you you can always try Dames. They are not a "scam", just kind of pricey.


Your local library probably has several RV books, or can get them for you using inter-library loans. I liked books by Daz Smith, Joe McMoneagle, Ingo Swann, Paul H. Smith, PM Atwater, Lyn Buchanan, Russell Targ, David Morehouse, Courtney Brown, and Stephen Schwarz. There are some great videos on Youtube and Farsight... for me watching Edward Riordan's videos is like taking a class And Daz makes his Beginners guide to Remote Viewing. available free on his site.





I would read and watch as much as you can.


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Hi, thanks and thanks, I already have the course so I should probably try follow through, I just feel like its going slow and that I don't "get" any impressions/ wrong info.

Thanks for the links :)

The farsight projections videos like 9/11 was fascinated.
I would just follow along the course by Dames. the CRV variation is not that different from other things out there and can even work better for some than the tradition CRV approach. it seems that none of the CRV derivatives are really any better than the others, just slightly different. so whatever works for you!