Jan 21 Pre-Webinar for Super Bowl Precognition Webinar


We want you ... to join an existing APP* Group or, even better, to start a new Group with people you know. Any style, as long as you share data about your predictions and protocol and intend to "play" for the longish-term. The long-term is important to gather meaningful data and to educate society.

We are organizing new groups via a Pre-Super Bowl (SB) webinar (next Monday) and then again at the SB webinar (Sunday, Feb 3) with Russ Targ.
At the Pre-SB Webinar, we will briefly review the current protocols, results to date, answer questions, encourage more questions, and begin organizing new groups. We are looking for people who enjoy doing precognitive work with relatively short-term FeedBack (days). Here are the details:
Monday January 21 Pre-Super Bowl Webinar
Starts at 7:30am PT (10:30am ET) - Duration of about 2 hours.
The GoToMeeting Link follows - if new to GoToMeeting, please come 15 minutes early.

Why don't you organize a group of ARV friends? Our current Groups are predicting sporting and financial events. However, we're happy to have you introduce a new type of prediction and perhaps a twist on ARV or something brand new! Let's get data and share information.

Hope to seeya there,


*Applied Precognition Project (APP) encourages groups of people to do public precognitive applications and share information.

If you can't make the pre-webinar, but are interested. Email me (marty@p-i-a.com) and I will send you a link to the video a day or so after the pre-webinar.