Joe McMoneagle at the Rhine in February


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I noticed the after-effects of the conference myself.  What is up with that?  I feel bad not posting more, or RVing, but I feel kinda drained still, but also very urgent.....

It may take a few days to let all the stuff settle in, and get absorbed into the rest of my universe.  Joe talks about taking that step from believing to knowing, and I think maybe this weekend thing we did really yanked us in that direction.  Its kind of mind-blowing.  We had a weekend of impossible stuff happening with us together in that room.....


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
We had a weekend of impossible stuff happening with us together in that room.....

and yet...the most mind blowing of all is that it 'seems NORMAL' :eek:

which, of course it is. I recall when first starting with PSI, EVERTHING was a HUGE SURPRISE, an enormous conundrum. Over time, as things settled in and I gained a better understanding of it all, it kind of amazes me now that I'm no longer amazed by it all.

Yes, it seems impossible, yet not. All ya have to do is accept the no space/no time formula and sprinkle it with we and 'it' are all one and 'it's' all inside of us at all times. All we have to do is learn the code/language of communication to reach and express it. THAT'S the hard part....that it's there isn't's the darned interpretation of it all.... :-/

In my daily life, since I've returned, as I mentioned before, I'm useless for the most part. Concentration is shot, don't even want to go near thinking about normal every day stuff as I'm still needing to find that downtime I want and need. Meanwhile, the only productive thing I've really accomplished is posting on the boards and that's only because the subject matter is what is on my mind, not that I've said anything worthwhile LOL


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But Seriously -

                  I'm usually a prolific poster, but these last three days have found me in a sort of 'spin' that I've found others have been 'enjoying' as well (hence my quietness of late).

  Has any other Rhine participant noticed this? Two of us are sequestered to our beds, and I have been absolutely useless due to some sort of 'auto-piloted' 'super-session' mentality that I just can't shake.

  Does anyone else feel this energized?

 Curiouser and curiouser,

I've actually been exceptionally distracted from day to day life these past few days. I suppose it will take some time to adjust to day to day life again.


"Keep Moving Forward"
You can read my write-ups here:



My sketches (and some target photos):

Mark Turner

Thanks Mark,

great write up and summary of the event
Much appreciated ;)



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Thanks Tunde,

That blog is definitely one of my new all-time Internet Favorites!

And PDPJ, you'll find your answer to the luggage tag conundrum in Saturday's write-up! (How your number matched the target number).

Maybe the after-effect I mentioned has something to do with what was mentioned in Tunde's blog - the acceptance of psi functioning causing a bit of a 'split' between 'believing' and 'knowing'. Hmmm... hard to say. It's just so incredible that everyone who recognizes what I'm talking about is describing it exactly as I'm experiencing it (Where have I heard THAT before?).

I mean, its one thing to get these data during a Remote Viewing session in the privacy of your own home, and have your mind blown...

...It's quite another to find yourself in a room full of other people who are all simultaneously recieving the same data - and to be able to just look over your shoulder at their work in progress as everyone around you is objectifying the same ethereal whisps onto their sketches and into their own notes - well, that's just INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

The Luckiest Man in the World,


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Maybe I missed it above, but did anyone mention Joe's homework
taskings? He had two envelopes, marked G and M. Viewer's choice. The assignment was to provide the President with 5 lines of information about the target.

I had a lot of trouble with this. right off the bat, my perceptions
led me to "person" but Joe had said that he does not task students with people it wasnt Osama or Condi. :)

And....having to provide info to the President....all the year's current events passed through my " empty space".

Not many people did the homework..... 5 or 6 I
was pretty much on target with a main facet of the target.

As for conference after effects.......I have the mother of all colds...........been down for two days....... even my "empty space" is congested.



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Hope you feel better Rich.

I suggested that Benton tackle you and twist your arm until you screamed for mercy and promised to actually show up at TKR now and then. He seemed to feel this would not be in keeping with his vegetarianism. Or was it his professionalism. I always get those mixed up.

So lemme get this straight. People paid money (though not much), and flew across the country (in some cases), for a weekend seminar with arguably the greatest remote viewer alive, and he assigned homework, and "not many people did it"?!


P.S. Tell me I misunderstood. Please.


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
As for conference after effects.......I have the mother of all colds...........been down for two days....... even my "empty space" is congested.'re not alone. We are all dropping like flies. I'm in a relapse and you are now the 3rd to be suffering 'the cold'. 2 others have been sick in bed upon the return home and are now sick at (not of, but this may also be the case) work.

Why am I starting to feel like Thypoid Mary :-/


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Harumphhhhh! :p

Y'all got off easy with the physical maladies... I'm ready for a straightjacket and rubber room myself! :D

And Eric, the tasking of M and G was covered with a direct hit by Josh, and I tweaked in with my own "on-the-fly" contribution by Viewing it DURING class. (And ended up with the combat directives probably enacted by the Aircraft Carrier involved during its combat ops).

The fact that Josh and I both correctly identified it as military/combat is incredible, although my "advice" to the President paled in comparison to Josh's.

And if Benton could PLEASE offer my apologies to his adorable daughter I'd be much obliged... I'll go a week as a "vegetarian" (like I promised her) if its the LAST thing I do! ;)

You're all the Greatest,

P.S. Does anyone recall what was in the "G" envelope? I know he opened it, I just can't remember what it was.


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One homework envelope was the gulf of Tonkin episode. What was the other one?

Larry, I will let my adorable daughter know you are trying. Larry, I find it helpful to me to stay a vegetarian if, when you mention eating meat, you have an adorable daughter STAND IN YOUR FACE WAVING DOZENS OF 8X10 PICTURES OF MUTILATED LITTLE HAPPY ANIMALS AND SCREAMING AT YOU "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT??? MURDERER!!!! MURDERER!!!!" Maybe its just me, but that seems to help.

About the homework. I didn't clearly get from Joe that the assignment was 'homework'. I thought we were gonna do those tasks on the last day, but not that they were to be done as "homework". I think others shared that confusion.

And speaking of sharing.... since we were all together for 3 days and some folks there were hacking and coughing with bad colds..... its no surprise many of us got the bug. Also, all that RVing was exhausting!!!

..and Rich, PJ really did ask me to tackle you and twist your arm, but you were constantly leaning up against the wall and I never got a good angle of attack.... well, maybe the next conference.... ::)


Notes from Joe McMoneagle’s RV workshop
Feb. 11-13, 2005 at the Rhine Center in Durham N. Carolina
(Joe's workshop thru the eyes of Kristen Vasques)

Going to Joe's workshop was a 'last-minute' surprise for me. I had gotten myself on the waiting list for Joe McMoneagle’s workshop just a couple weeks prior to it, only half expecting that an opening would actually come up. Then the Saturday afternoon before the workshop I felt the need to contact. I dismissed the thought however, not wanting to be a nuisance. I had already emailed them to check on an opening, and they said they’d call if there was one. It was just a short while later that the phone rang. “I know it’s late to be asking, Kristen, but we just got a cancellation for Joe’s workshop. Can you come at this late notice?!” It was Sally Rhine at the Rhine Research Center - and I was ecstatic!

It was one more synchronicity in a life of unlikely events and coincidences. As ‘fate’ would have it, I had a plane ticket that needed to be used up in the next few weeks, and I just so happened to have a cousin living in the Durham area that I could stay with! Everything fell seamlessly into place!

The one flight I could get landed in Durham on Fri. at 7:10pm. Joe’s talk started at 7:30! For some seemingly ‘random’ reason I began thinking about Luxor on the flight. It’s such a special city to me. I feel so connected to Luxor, and was re-living being there in my mind. OK, so the plane lands. In a whirl I grab my carry-on bag, dash out to the curb & hail a cab. He says it’ll take 20 minutes!

After making a wrong turn, we arrive at the Rhine Center at last. I run in and am directed to enter the lecture room thru a side door which brings me to the first row. There’s ONE seat for me at the end, directly in front of the podium. JUST IN TIME! Joe hadn’t started yet! I sit down, take a breath, and what meets my eyes?! There, at my eye-level on the podium right in front of me is a little metal plaque that reads “Luxor”, with an icon of Nefertiti.

The workshop. From my notes:
I’ll begin this by giving some of Joe’s personal tips on the practice of RV. These are the things that first come to mind, as they came as such confirmation to me. Coincidentally, they’re things that I was also doing, and they just seemed “right” and most natural to me. This first one I’ll mention goes against what is said in all the RV books I’ve read, and has also been contested by Rvers I’ve asked online.

Privately I asked Joe about reporting or writing up sessions. This is something I’ve wondered about for years. Both other Rvers and RV books have gone against my innate tendency. In my most accurate viewings, I explained to Joe, I see them visually as if viewing a film. They’re usually in great detail. When it comes to writing up the session, it just feels most natural to me to write it all down in text. Brief sketches can’t match the well-defined pictorial scene and images I “see”. So I’d rather get the images and scene across by “painting the picture” with words which can describe it much more accurately and in detail.

Following the protocol of listing the coordinate numbers, date and name in the upper left, then physical conditions in the upper center followed by sketches of what was perceived in the session goes against my natural tendency. I was delighted and relieved to hear Joe say that this method of reporting sessions is fine! He doesn’t go along with the prescribed method of reporting sessions, he said. To him Remote Viewing is simply opening one to clairvoyant abilities, which is something I also felt. He said that whatever works for each individual is fine. “I don’t care if you stand on your head and stick a pencil in your ear!”, he said.

What a relief!

Later in the workshop I asked Joe about the “alphabet methods” of doing RV, anxious to know what he thought of CRV, ARV etc. and which he may feel is the best. Joe said that he
was one of the original people in the first Remote Viewing unit that tried CRV, and he felt it was never really successful. Most everyone else was not successful at CRV, he said. With a lot of effort, Joe said that he was the only one in the unit who got results with it. To him it wasn’t worth using. He also said that, to him, none of the “alphabet methods” of RV are vital. Again he stressed that RV is simply opening one to clairvoyance, and to access that clairvoyant ability any method that works for you is fine.

Joe’s method: He begins by sitting quietly and gets himself into a meditative state. (He uses Zen meditation, but said to use whatever works for each individual.) He puts together the tips of his middle finger and thumb. And that sometimes he joins the index finger with them too. I do EXACTLY the same thing! I was amazed and delighted to hear this!

To me I use the analogy that our brains are like batteries. Connecting the very tips of the middle finger (or joined also with the index finger) intuitively felt like it was “connecting the circuit” for optimum use. It came as another revelation and confirmation that Joe also begins this way.

Joe then recognizes that he’s breathing. In his sessions he then takes a deep breath, holds it about 3 seconds, and then lets it out slowly. He does a few of these. From his meditative state “go into” that empty space in the center of your brain. Know that it will fill with the critical information you need.

His perspective is to NOT focus on the area in the front of your head - the forehead area or 3rd eye area. This frontal area, he said, is the area of the imagination. By focusing on this area it’s not as easy for intuition to pick up information. It’s the area where you imagine or make up things. He also said he finds it best when doing sessions NOT to look at the back of the eyelids. You’re apt to see reflections of what your eyes had just seen that way.

Joe focuses his attention, from his meditative state, on a “room” sort of back in the center of his brain. This is the area of intuition where clairvoyance operates from. He begins the session “seeing” an empty room in this area of the brain. He then watches for a “flick” of information. Not a complete pictogram. This first “flash” is what for him accurately reflects the target. If you wait too long you start guessing & creating things.

”The error is labeling it. The important first step in Remote Viewing is Unlearning . Never come to a conclusion. Ever!”

Notes Fri. 2/11/05 evening talk:
(Skipping the targets & sessions. There were lots of these. I got some of them. Unfortunately I had an ongoing stomach flu & felt really ‘out-of-it’, so I wasn’t accurate for many of them. Good to be there tho - to have it all in my notes for later practice.)

After describing how the RV program began, initially being code-named “P-nut” after one of them said something reminded them of a peanut. It was then called “Gondola Wish” when they started trying to recruit people with a clairvoyant ability or inclination. This is when Joe was recruited. He was one of the very first.

The distinction, he said, between a psychic and an Rver is that a psychic looks at a photo of a person, object or location that they want information about. An RVer will get it in a sealed envelope. If the RVer can describe the person accurately, then it gives a good indication that the other data he or she gives is accurate.

In 1979 the RVers were put to work at Ft. Meade with the Iran Hostage crisis. That was the birth of “Grill Flame”. They dropped “Gondola Wish” as the name for the program.

SRI (Stanford Research International) developed the program to train Rvers. Ingo was to develop it in 6 stages. After a long 18 months only 2 ½ of the stages were complete. People left that system, finding it too restrictive.

The military’s Remote Viewing program closed in Nov. of ’95 because management had lost control of the RVers. They weren’t following protocol.

(Subjects jump around a bit because people someone would ask a question that would get us onto another topic.)

In one session Joe did he saw pyramids at LEAST a million years old. It turned out to be pyramids on Mars. Joe saw that they were used as hibernation chambers. They had problems with their atmosphere and eventually migrated to Earth. We are descendants of Martians, Joe says. I privately asked him on a break if he didn’t feel that maybe our different

races originated from different parts of the universe. He indicated that, yes, we are probably from various parts of the cosmos. His main point is that we migrated here from off-planet.

What is an ideal training system? First, a good selection system for choosing candidates. Second, guarantee that targets are blind. Third, teach people that they are psychic. We have this ability in us all, he said.

Sat. 2/12/05
The points important to a target:
1. Attention, Intention, Expectation.

2. Words, verbage, is VERY important! You can’t guess on a target.

3. Ego is an issue here. The subconscious is allowed to operate freely in RV work, which is intuitive work. What often follows is that the ego gets really big and proud. It’s here that failure sets in. *Let the subconscious take control, NOT the ego!
All the information you’ll need in life is in your mind at birth and at death. Each person is locked into their own universe. We must ultimately take everything on faith. We create our own reality at every moment.

Remote Viewing is opening to the information required. Remote viewers collect information. Do not try to guess. (Go to that “empty room”) Always go with your first impression. It’s an impossibility, Joe says, for Remote Viewers to tell if they’re right or wrong. When doing RV (for him anyway) all brain activity goes dead. He was once hooked up to an electronic brain detector in Japan to analyze his brain during a session. The Japanese scientists were amazed! For the first time ever the detector activity indicator went blank! He was in Zen meditation and in that “blank or empty room”.

The “Aha” in Remote Viewing happens when you get to the empty space in the middle of your skull and tune directly to the target.

What you learn from the most is from your failures. Critiquing your failures is extremely important in RV.

Doing a session, operating from the center of your brain area, when you get your first impression ask yourself WHY is it that way. Continue asking why. DON’T try too hard. You can’t force the information. Relax and let the information come after going to the empty space and getting your first impression.

Another point, also mentioned at the RV Conference Oct. ’04 in VA Beach, is something probably most RVers are probably already familiar with. James Spottiswood found that Local

Sidereal Time factors into RV. He found that the ideal time for viewing is when the part of the Earth you’re on is tilted AWAY from the center or core of the universe. The best time for RV, he found, is 13 ½ hours LSTime.

The best way to RV is to give your conscious mind something to do. Give it a job. For example, doodle. Joe likes to RV while mowing the lawn.

A session will just last a second to get that “flash” of the critical information - the first impression. Don’t over-process. You can “peek” back into the session, but just for an instant peek,

The entropy in a target has to do with the amount of activity or movement in it. In a photo the entropy could be the contrast of light and dark. It makes it a more impactful target.

All the while he was doing targets with us in between these notes.

Sunday 2/13/05
CRV was developed by Ingo for mental discipline. Everyone has to develop their own methodology. The ONE important thing is that the Remote Viewer is blind to what the target is. Joe says that Outbounder targets just may be the best because of the teamwork of people focusing and working together on it.

Outbounders have a pool of 15-20 sites with photos of places in the surrounding area. Someone’s chosen as the outbounder, and usually dice is thrown to select the particular photo/location. They drive away with the sealed envelope of what the location will be and open it while driving. They then go to the location. It is whatever the outbounder DOES at the location that is the target.

Meanwhile, those back in the room do a session on it. Whatever the outbounder DID at the location is the target. If he sat on a bench, that’s what it is.

Once someone came to Joe - it was an archaeologist-type person - to help him find where to dig for a particular church or temple they were trying to locate on a Greek Isle. They had a short amount of time allotted, and needed to know where to put their efforts. Joe did it by dowsing. They found it spot on! He had learned dowsing from Frances Farreley, who was at SRI with him. They did a trade. She taught him dowsing and he taught her remote viewing.

Crop circles, those that are genuine, are electro-magnetic phenomena. They’re formed, Joe has found thru RV, by some sort of natural electro-magnetic phenomenon. When pressed to elaborate, he said that it’s not understood and he gets no indication of IF or WHO is directing this force.

Joe said he did some RV sessions while lucid dreaming. His method was to “do a Dorothy”. He’d close his eyes”, imagine some glittery red shoes on, click his heels and tell himself that when he opened his eyes he’d be in the target. It worked well at first. But after a while he had too many freakish false awakenings. He didn’t like it, and won’t do it again while lucid. It left him in a bizarre sort of “Ground Hog’s Day” surreal realm of not being able to wake up. Over and over and over he’d try to wake himself up, think he was awake and go thru his daily routine only to find something out-of-whack eventually happened that told him he was still sort of trapped in that dream. He totally left it, realizing that it can lead to insanity.

Now he has to avoid dreaming because of too many nightmarish war-related flashbacks. He takes a drug to avoid the dreams and flashbacks.

Generally, Joe has found, that Remote Viewers had rough childhoods. Other characteristics of Rvers in general is that they have good intellect, are loners, get jobs done successfully with a good sense of follow-thru and stick-to-it-iveness, and have a liking for dangerous jobs.

Meditation is the BEST help to successful Remote Viewing. It’s best not to have coffee or stimulants before Remote Viewing. And exercise has been found to be a good help to promote successful Remote Viewing.

Lots of people had ET/UFO-related questions. It was a topic that didn’t seem to interest Joe much. I asked if he thought they may be living among us. His reply was that he didn’t personally think so. His reason was that they are “butt ugly”, and their looks would stir the frightful side of humans and the instinct to harm and kill them.

He also commented that life is an illusion, again stating that each of us creates our own reality every minute of every day.

And that brought Sunday to a close at 1pm.


"Keep Moving Forward"
Thanks kristen, iam speechless so much info
ive just printed it all out and will read it again on my way home
from work.

I noticed the part where joe said we should not
view our eyelids during a session ( by that i take it he means
NOT to close ones eyes.

Ed Dames said the same thing in the movie suspect zero
(the training clip) and i never knew why until now

Thanks Again ;D


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I think if he said 'not to view the back of your eyelids' and 'imagine a room in the center of your skull, not near the front', that he means exactly that. I think if he meant for people never to close their eyes when remote viewing, he would have said "don't close your eyes when remote viewing". He's pretty literal. Most forms of meditation--and viewing--have the eyes closed. However, whether you are focusing on the back of your eyelids, vs. some 'space in the center of your skull', are different things I suppose!



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By the way, this is officially, I think, the longest thread on the TKR forum! PJ


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
By the way, this is officially, I think, the longest thread on the TKR forum!  PJ  

I expect that as we all get back to clear thinking, lots more will be said.  I have a lot of stirrings going on now. It's been almost a week since the workshop conclusion and my juices are starting to flow again....things I've been considering and am ready to apply, but find I have questions. I'll be back to this in a bit....still mulling... :)

Added: it's one thing to be sitting and listening and nodding your head 'yes' in agreement and quite another to apply it and get it to work ...
and yes, Joe closes his eyes as I recall.


PJ wrote:
By the way, this is officially, I think, the longest thread on the TKR forum! PJ

Hope the length of that notes post was ok, PJ. Several people were asking me to post the notes. I had Joe's permission to share them, and I was imagining that if it were me, I'd love to hear each and everything.

Take care!

There was one other thing I thought of when I was out walking Ari. At the end when we were discussing the alien issue, I thought of a few more details. Joe had asserted that he didn't think any aliens were living among us - his reasoning was that, to us, they were "butt ugly"! And they knew the affect that their appearance had on us, such a primitive race. I asked if he didn't think that some of them could have been altered (a type of ET 'cosmetic surgery') to look human. I also posed the idea that there may be races of them that DO look human, and didn't he think that THEY could be living among us.

Joe's reply to each point was that either could be possible. The topic didn't seem to concern or interest him much. He seemed to be operating from his assertion that we create our reality each moment. And life here is really "an illusion" anyway.



.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
Hi Kristen
    I don't recall having met you, but I do recall a person 'up front' excaiming about: a little metal plaque that reads “Luxor”, with an icon of Nefertiti.

    about the length of posts regarding this topic...I feel we who were able to attend were so fortunate to be able to do so and to NOT share as much as we possibly can seems so counter productive. Even having been there and now reading others comments, brings back aspects I may have not looked at so closely at the time. We couldn't hear/absorb it all at the time and so, have to remember what it is we heard. We all have particular things of personal interest that we absorbed immediately so expressing what we recall is a great refresher for those of us who attended and especially great for those who will benefit from our discussing the details here.

The topic didn't seem to concern or interest him much
Another topic that didn't seem to effect him much was that of finding Bin Laden.  When asked if he could be found via remote viewing (and I'm sure the question really was, Hey Joe, can you do it?...can you find him? ) but the question wasn't presented that way. I found his non pulsed answer to be very thoughtful ..which was something along these lines: yes, he can be found....and then what?  He had a long silent pause as we waited for him to say something more..and he did...he said 'and then what?'  If we find him, then we HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM.  (let that sink in a bit) He went on to say, he's not doing anything right now, he's not causing us any problems, he's probably in a 50000 square foot palace with air conditioning, but if we find him, then we have to do something about it. In my opinion, Joe clearly wasn't concerned about finding him at this point in time.

added: I'm having problems with the mindblog links Mark(?) posted. Everytime I click on them, the computer locks up. It seems others have been able to access them, so I guess I have a problem somewhere... in addition to wanting to read what was said, I also would like to read about my luggage ticket matching the target#..Wojo said it was mentioned in the write up. Seems I'm hazy on the importance of this matching of numbers..others seem to be impressed that this happened and I'm totally missing the point somewhere ::)


Hi PD!

Yes, when I got to his comments on Bin Laden in my notes, for some reason, I had the impulse not to include them in the post. i noticed that also at the time.

BTW, can you tell me what the blobs thing is you mentioned, and how to find it? What is it?



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I just thought of another comment Joe made. while describing some facet of RV he threw in the phrase "3rd stage modeling" then paused, maybe to check our reactions. He said we all probably heard of modeling as a stage 6 CRV procedure, but there was a stage 3 modeling process.
He also said the current CRV manual was the 5th rendition.

Homework G was a proposal to search for something esoteric...
holy grail?????

I chose that one and eventually waded through all the previously mentioned AOL and basically decided that more resources were needed. :)

Someone did come up with the concept that it was a search problem. Joan I think.

Great notes Kristen.